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How to get a new Idea for posting? Effective tips

How to get a new Idea for posting? Effective tips
It is very easy to start-up a website but it is very difficult to manage it. For making your website effective you have to post frequently and with new Ideas and searching material. How to create a new post and get Idea for it every day? Here I will provide you with the most effective steps to do that. Just follow these simple step and start writing a great post every day.
It is very difficult to create new posts everyday. You have to come up with an idea by which you can post an effective and original post every day.

The post you have to write are not such that they will come to your mind automatically, you have to work hard for it, you will have to search it or gather new ideas from different media and also from your experience.
Here are the steps for creating new posts every day:

Tips For New Post Every day: Get a new Idea for posting

Follow Forums

The best method to write a new post is follow the forums and get idea of the most frequently asked question’s on the forum discussions. The visitors generally asking questions on the forums are mostly most viewed posts, so follow forums and create a great post on the topic you get from there.

Ask your visitors

Ask your visitors about their problems and provide solution for it to them. This is also very effective method for creating a new post.


This is also a great method of getting great posts for your niche. This is one of the best method for ones who have websites on entertainment, fashion, sports and such niche that are generally published on the magazine. These also provide a great medium for getting a new post.

Follow other Blogs

Follow other blogs that have similar niche as your blog has. Make a list of best blogs that you frequently visit of your blog and get Ideas of the topics from them. This doesn’t mean that you will copy the content. Get Ideas from list of five to six websites on same topic and then create an effective post for your blog.

Post your Imaginations

Post the topics that you think would be helpful or would be liked by other people this is one of the great method to get a great post.


Run a contest on your website through which you can get  comments through people and also get interesting topics from it. People like to win prices, prices doesn’t mean cash price; it can be giving a backlink to top commentator or such exciting things.

List making: Capture your ideas

Many times when I am not online and think of my website then, I get ideas of a new post. But till when I used to write it on my blog, I used to forget it. So, I started making a note of ideas I get on a small notebook, and then writing posts on these ideas. This is a great idea! Just try it.

Your Turn

Was it useful for you? Do you have some more Ideas?? Then do comment.

Originally posted 2013-06-25 08:16:00.

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  1. These is very informative bro. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thanks Victor 🙂
    Keep Visiting 🙂

  3. Forum is in fact the best way to harness new blog post idea but most blogger don't really participate in forum because they believed they can just scrap content from related niche most especially those who don't have the aim of monetizing their blog via AdSense. Reading relevant books can also help in this perspective!

  4. You are absolutely right Adesanmi ! Forums are one of best place to get topic for your post.

    And reading relevant books is also good option.

  5. Great Post Vishal Ji. My problem in blogging is think more, write less 🙁 . I donot get much ideas to write. I hope to follow some good similar blog is nice. Thanku very much sir for sharing 🙂

  6. Thinking more is good but writing less will not work, so you can get great post ideas through forums, other websites, your visitors and friends as well 🙂

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