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How To Enable and Disable Comments On Blogger: Easy steps

How To Enable and Disable Comments On Blogger: Easy steps
Here in this post I will provide you with the easy steps to enable and disable comments on blogger website. It is really very simple task. Just follow the below given steps and get answer to your question. If your comment box is not enabled and you want to enable it then just follow these steps.
Here are the steps that you need to follow for enabling and disabling the comments:

Steps To Enable and Disable Comments

  •  Go to the Dashboard.
  • Click on settings
  • Click on Post and comment option. As shown below
  • Under the Title: Select the comment location. There are various options.
  • First is Embedded: This is the best option as by this option a comment box appears under each post.
  • Second is Full Page: In this option a link comment is set under each post, the visitor has to click on that link for commenting, after clicking a new comment page will open.
  • Third is Pop Up window: A pop up will appear.
  • Forth is hide: By which you can disable the comment box.
You can see the below image for all options.
How To Enable and Disable Comments On Blogger

Addition Information(Comment)

  • Under the option “Who can Comment”: Select anyone so that any one can comment on your blog.
  • You can set comment moderation by next option. Comment moderation means that comment will come for your approval if you want to publish the comment or not.
  • An option of email address for moderation notification is given. Whenever a comment will come a notification will come to your Gmail that you have a comment for moderation.
  • You can enable and disable word verification from next option. This option helps in protecting your website from spammers.

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