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How to Create Favicon for your Blog

How to Create your Own Favicon
Are you watching blogs not having the blogger default symbol  at top of website URL and you also want to change it. Then here are simple steps to do that.
Here are the tips on how to Create Favicon for your blog. Just follow the following simple steps to add an identity to your website.
Here are the steps to design your own favicon and add to your website.

Steps to Create Favicon for your Blog

·         The following page will open
How to add Favicon to blogger   
  • Now just design favicon of your own choice.
  • After completing just click download favicon.
  • Now how to add it to your blogger
  • Go to blogger
  • Click on Page Layout
  •  Now click on edit favicon
  •  Now enter the downloaded file into this
  • Your work is done.
  • You have designed your own favicon 🙂
·         Now enjoy 🙂
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Originally posted 2013-04-16 22:25:00.

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