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How to add Title Tag and alt tag to images in blogger for making them SEO rich

How to add Title Tag and alt tag to images in blogger for making them SEO rich
Have you followed this very main step of adding alt tag and title to images in blogger? If you have not then you are missing some thing in optimizing your blog. Adding title tag and alt tag to images is very essential so that your post gets properly optimized and gets indexed faster and better then others.

If we talk of WordPress, then if you are using SEO bay yoast plugin, then one working on wordpress might see a red indication or orange one when they don’t add alt text to the image.
Now for blogger using visitors I will tell method to add alt tag and text tag to images. It is really very easy.

Steps to add Title tag and alt tag to images in blogger

  • Got to blogger dashboard.
  • Open your post in which you want to add alt tag to the images.
  • Click on the image to which you want to add the alt and title tag.
  • Click on properties option as shown below:
seo tips alt text
  • After clicking it we will get a pop up: Add the alt tag and title tag to it.
Image properties
  • You are done with it.
  • Now you have completed one more step in field of optimizing your blog.

Your Turn

Wasn’t this easy? So, just follow this and optimize your blog 😀
Do comment for your response.

Originally posted 2013-07-10 05:47:00.

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  1. Thanks Vishal for such informative article, specially for a newbie like me. Please help by confirming that what exactly should be written in title text and ALT Text columns.

  2. Sanjay firstly thanks for your appreciation 🙂

    And in Alt text you must write the keyword matching the image or your article and in the Title box write the name of the image or what image is about.. 😀

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