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How do I edit .htaccess file from wordpress dashboard

Tricks to edit the .htaccess file from wordpress dashboard

403, 503, forbidden and such different errors are caused by the .htaccess file. This is the file that you will find in your cpanel. Many time it is required to edit these files, mainly when you have to enable Gzip compression on your blog. So, in this post I am providing few simple methods on “How do I edit .htaccess file from WordPress dashboard”.

Mainly to make the changes to these type of files you have to use the FTP clients like Filezilla, Cybereduck and so on. But here I have provided really easy steps to edit it directly through your WP dashboard.

Tricks to edit the .htaccess file from WordPress dashboard

Using WP .htaccess editor plugin

The best method to do is just installing the WP .htaccess editor plugin. Here are few steps on how to use this plugin:

  •  Install the plugin and activate it.
  • Go to the HTaccess editor as shown below

How do I edit the .htaccess file from wordpress dashboard

  • You will see an editing field like this shown below:

How do I edit the .htaccess file from wordpress dashboard

  • After that make the desired changes here.
  • Click on Save file.
  • Your access files have been edited.

This is the easiest method of editing your .htaccess files in just few minutes.

Note: Don’t forget to back up your file before editing the htaccess files.

How to back up the htaccess file?

Just below the htaccess editor option, there is an option of backup. As shown below:

How do I edit the .htaccess file from wordpress dashboard

Just go to this option and generate a backup of your htaccess file.

How do I edit the .htaccess file

If by any reason your website shows a bad response the changes you made to your .htaccess file, then restore the backup as shown below.

How do I edit the .htaccess file

This is how you make a backup and restore it using WP htaccess file editor plugin.

Using SEO by Yoast

Another easy method of editing the .htaccess file is using the SEO by yoast plugin. Here are the steps to use this plugin for editing your .htaccess files.

  • Go to edit files option in Yoast as shown below

edit the .htaccess file from wordpress dashboard

  • You will get a screen for editing the Robot.txt file and edit .htaccess file you can edit which ever file from here and save it.

edit the .htaccess file from wordpress dashboard

  • That’s it you have made changes to your files.

Hope you enjoyed the tutorial, any queries? Comment below.

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  1. Good to know of the WP .htaccess editor plugin and how it can help to edit the .htaccess file. The process looks simple and less complicated than the use of FTP. A helpful post. Thanks for sharing it, Vishal!

    I have left this comment in – the content syndication and social marketing platform for Internet marketers, where this post was shared.

    Sunday – contributor

  2. Hi Vishal,

    Thanks for this wonderful article, i never know you can use a plugin to edit .htaccess, i always edit my .htaccess through FTP and i find easy that way, maybe becuase am a Geek 🙂

    The plugin method you just explain here is best for newbie or blogger who doesn’t like coding.

    Too much plugins kill wordpress, this what i try as much as possible to ignore (installing too much plugin).

    Anyway thanks for this wonderful post and have a nice day

    I found the link to this post on Kingged and i have also kingged it on

  3. This is really useful and handy though i prefer to edit my .htaccess file via my cPanel, that way i can be able to effect any change even if my site is broken. Thanks for sharing any way.

  4. Hi Vishal plz tell me how editing of .htacesss will helpful for us

    • Hey Shashank,

      Actually editing .htaccess file is important when you have to make some changes like applying Gzip Compression etc. in these type of things some changes have to made to these files. That’s why these are some easy steps that can help you out in the work.

      Hope you understood 🙂

      Keep visiting 🙂

  5. Well, as you mentioned editing the .htaccess file is very complicated in case of ftp editing mode from the web-hosting account.

    Although I don’t think a need to manually update the file as the necessary changes to this file can be made through other valuable plugins such as iThemes security plugins, which by the way is the best plugin for WordPress security.

    This way, one don’t need to worry about unwanted changes made to htaccess file. As, the code is auto altered by choosing the proper configuration options only through the plugin configuration page.

    Speaking truly, I am using WordPress from a couple of months, and I didn’t feel the need to make changes to htaccess file manually.
    Anyways, thanks for pointing particular plugin for this purpose and sharing it on

  6. For those who have installed WordPress SEO by Yoast can easily edit .htaccess file under edit files tab in Yoast plugin.

  7. Hello Sunday, Wonderful description about the options available for editing .htaccess in wordpress. I’ve been using Yoast to edit my file, or using my FTP client. You’ve really updated my list with yet another plugin to deliver the job.

    Goog one my firend

    I found this Article on

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