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How to Disable or Remove Blue Seen ticks In Whatsapp

How to Disable or Remove Blue Seen ticks In Whatsapp

The Past week, WhatsApp had introduced a new update and had added a new feature of “read receipts” in form of blue ticks, indicating that the message send by you to receiver has been read when blue ticks show up. This feature where one side had its advantages, it also caused trouble to a lot of people. The people who ... Read More »

7 Blog Sponsored Review Sites That Pay You to Blog

Blog Sponsored Review Sites

One of the great way to earn a great amount through your websites is to write blog sponsored reviews. Affiliate marketing and Advertisements on your website are one of well-known methods of earning through your blog, but writing sponsored reviews is an easy and effective way to earn. Here are 7 blog Sponsored Review Sites that pay you to blog. ... Read More »

Defending Your Contents Against Content Theft

Defending Your Contents Against Content Theft

Stealing contents is easy. Publishing contents is as simple as copy and paste. High-quality content is an asset, and protecting such asset as well as the investment in building it is a must. Sadly, no one can totally prevent content theft. The only thing that you can do is to protect and defend your contents against the unscrupulous ones. Here’s ... Read More »

Useful Ways to Keep Old Posts Alive

Useful Ways to Keep Old Posts Alive

Making a blog posts takes a lots of efforts and it feels very nice when the posts rank high in the search engine. But, it hurts when the old posts lose their rankings and start coming down. So, what are the steps that can be followed to keep alive your old posts? Here in this post are some useful ways ... Read More »

Tips to Optimize Facebook Fan page : FB optimization

Optimize Facebook Fan page

Facebook fan Pages are very essential for promoting your blog, business online. As Facebook has a great popularity online so its easy to rank your page higher in the search results. It’s a great medium via which you can increase your business sales, website popularity online. For bringing more sales and traffic from your Facebook Fan Page it’s very essential ... Read More »

Blogging tips to Use Keywords in your blog post

Blogging tips to Use Keywords in your blog post

Search engines are the most important factor that are responsible for bringing traffic to your website. Search Engine optimization is the way of bringing your posts above in search results and therefore increase traffic to your website from search engines. The way to use keywords in your blog post is the most important aspect of optimizing your website with best ... Read More »

Revealed: 8 Effective Tips to Counter Writer’s Block!

8 Effective Tips to Counter Writer’s Block

Guest Post by Sylvia M Lewis. Writing is a highly challenging task that not many people can do with success. There are times when you feel too bored and doing something like writing would be the last thing that you want. In other cases, you are just too stressed out to put your thoughts or ideas on piece of paper. Remember, ... Read More »

5 free tools for creating infographics

free tools for creating infographics

It takes lots of time and efforts to make an infographic on Photoshop, so I have compiled the best 5 free tools for creating infographics in very less time. Images are much better for understanding any concept than understanding by reading, hence the infographics are used nowadays at higher rates. But for creating these infographics it takes lots of time ... Read More »

List of high PR infographic submission websites

List of high PR infografic submission websites

Infographics is a great way of visually understanding any topic instead of reading all the post. Its is a great way  to provide a complete experience to a person about your topic. So, here in this post I have gathered list of high PR infographic submission websites, where you can submit your infographics for free and provide a great exposure ... Read More »

How to speed up website with Gzip compression

Gzip compression

The amount of data to be sent from the server to the user’s browser will decrease dramatically if Gzip compression is enabled on a website. And thereby your website’s loading speed will decrease by a great amount. Now compressing your website will help you in many ways it will strengthen your website. Here are some of the advantages of enabling the ... Read More »