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Google Chrome Freezes or Crashes on Windows 7 / 8 Fixed

As always I started my laptop and launched google chrome to start my work. But this time something happened my google chrome just crashed and my laptop screen froze. Now every time when I started my laptop and open google chrome the same thing happened.

Then I thought of using Internet explorer instead of google chrome but I didn’t like using it as it was very slow. So I thought of finding a way fix this problem with google chrome and here I am sharing it with you all if you are facing the same problem then just follow these steps to get rid of google chrome frozen screen if you are using windows 7/8.

Fix for google chrome freezing problem

1. Open your google chrome and just click on the three bars at top right after that click on more tools > extensions.

2. Just disable all the extensions and then see you will not get frozen screen but if you are not able to open extensions in google chrome then click on task manager option after clicking those three bars on the top right of google chrome.

3. Now disable all extensions using task manager you will see that your google chrome is not working and you will get rid of the frozen screen now check which extension is causing this problem by activating each extension one by one.

These are the steps that helped me out to get rid of these problems.

I am sure that you will get rid of the problem with your browser and you will again start using one of the best browsers which is Google Chrome.

If the problem still exists then install an antivirus scan for virus in your computer because this can be only problem with your chrome.

I hope this post was helpful so do share it with your friends.

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Originally posted 2015-06-23 22:40:15.

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