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Godaddy Reviews: One of best hosting and domain provider

Godaddy is one of the best and giant provider of domains and web-hostings. Now they have spread their centers into India as well. They Have provided domain names and hosting to about 50 million peoples and above and still is rising day by day. Here I will provide you with the reviews about this domain and hosting provider.They are also providing earnings to many people through affiliate programming. If you have bought a web-hosting or are in seek of it, then read this review it will help you.
This web hosting contains all the major features that the different companies provide. They have come up with a bang in this industry and their services are not matched with any other providers.
It is very simple to set up a website through Godaddy.Now in this post I will rate the website “Godaddy” out of 10. If talking over all rating then, I would rate this website 4/5.

Godaddy Reviews

OVERALL: 4/5 starts
Godaddy Reviews: One of best hosting and domain provider

1. Installation : 4/5

Godaddy provides easy installation and very fast. You have just follow some easy steps and install new web-hosting into it. So, if talking of the installation then I would like to rate it 4.5/5. This is because of great installation.

2. Help and Support: 4.3/5

They provide a great help and support to the readers. You get your problems solved in just minutes. So ,I would like to rate it 4.3/5. You can get answers to your questions through frequently asked questions and if doesn’t work then you can get your questions solved through their customer care.

3. Features: 3.7/5 

Godaddy provides a great list of features. You get a fast loading website. They provide free domains with their web-hostings and provide the web-hostings at a very reasonable rate. 
If you are in seek of buying any hosting or domain name through this great website, then just click on download below.

Godaddy Reviews: One of best hosting and domain provider


So, at last I want to say that this is a great website to buy your web-hosting, domain name, SSL certificate, and all such features.

Originally posted 2013-06-26 08:16:00.

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  1. I dont like Godaddy much mainly because of their so much of push selling and cluttered website design, very very confusing for a first time user.

    I suggest once use the Yahoo Small Business or even DreamHost registration for Domain registration only, you can compare there, how simple things can be

  2. Thanks for your reviews Hunky 🙂
    But Every person has his own views, I think I like services of Godaddy, not as much as of some other Host provider, but it is not so much bad even..

    Keep Visiting 🙂

  3. Godaddy lacks some features too, mainly advance DNS controls which are bundled in case of DreamHost or Yahoo..

  4. that's right there are some loop holes in this service provider…

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