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How to fill Hostgator W8-BEN tax form for non-US individuals

Have you just set up a new hostgator affiliate account and are now asked to fill the “W8-BEN” tax form for non-US individuals. So, here are the steps that you will have to follow to fill the hostgator form.

Hostgator is a great choice when it comes to earning from the affiliate programming. They provide the best deals for earning from their affiliate programs.

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You can sign up to the hostgator affiliate if you want from the following link:



The former one is for the indian affiliate and the other one is international.

VIDEO TUTORIAL : Fill Hostgator W8-BEN tax form for non-US individuals

Steps to fill Hostgator W8-BEN tax form

  1. Just enter your affiliate dashboard after signing up to the hostgator affiliate program.
  2. After this just first step is to enter your name and address and then tick on the box as shown in the image below. And then tick on the terms and click submit.

How to fill Hostgator W8-BEN tax form for non-US individuals

4. After this just click on the submit option

5. You will now get a “thanks” message and you are done with the steps to fill in the form.

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What is W8-BEN tax form?

W8-BEN form is that is required to be filled by the NON-US residents so that they can withdraw the affiliate earnings from the earning. This is a tax form that has to be filled so as to pay your taxes and all for your affiliate earnings. This form has been provided by the IRS(Internal Revenue Services).

On the hand if you are an US resident than you will have to fill in the W9 form.

These are all the steps that are just sufficient for filling the W8-BEN tax form for non-US individuals and contain each and every steps with the images showing the steps.

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