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Essential Widgets that a Website must have: Important Widgets

Essential Widgets that a Website must have: Important Widgets
The presentation of the website is the main thing that helps in increasing the ranking, reputation, traffic and Page rank of the website. The widgets play the essential role in it. So, I will provide you with the list of best and most essential widgets for a website must contain. Just apply all these widgets on your website for better presentation of your website.

The list of the essential widgets are as follows:

List of Essential Widgets for a Website

1. Search Box

This is a very essential element that helps in bounding a visitor on your website. This widget is generally placed at the top of the side bar. This widget is very essential so that, your visitor can search other articles on your website that suits them.
So, firstly apply this widget on your website sidebar.

2. Subscription Widget

This is second most essential widget that must be on your sidebar. This widget helps in connecting a visitor to your website for ever. Through this a visitor gets all the articles or updates on your website to the email address of the visitor.

3. Social Like Box

This is another essential widget that must be on your website. By this your visitors can connect with you through social media. And thus this widget helps in building up your social network. You can also apply pop up social like box on your website.

4. Popular Post

Popular post widget is another essential widget. Mostly, the most visited posts or popular posts are liked by visitors and clicked by the visitors. So, if you want to increase your page views then use this widget at every cost.

5. Recent Posts

This widget can also be applied on your website, so as your visitors can watch all the recent posts that you have posted.
You can check these fantastic widgets: Choose Your’s

6. Recent Comments

Recent post widget is another essential widget which you can use on the side bar or at bottom of your page. This helps in increasing the comments to your blog. As, visitor watches the connection or discussion going on the post and he/she also likes to comment.
You can check this great widget:

7. Best Commentator

You can also apply this widget on your website so as, the visitor comments more on your website, so that he can up in list and this will help you in increasing your comments.

8. Your Profile

Through this widget you have to show small author bio, so as to interact with your visitors.

Your turn

Hope you liked the list. If you have any other widget that you would like to share with our visitors, then do comment.

Originally posted 2013-06-27 05:10:00.

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  1. every one has different need I guess for their widgets selection !!!

  2. You are right Hunky but, these widgets are of utmost importance for most of the bloggers..

    But thanks for your review 🙂
    Keep visiting 🙂

  3. Hi sir..i have a blog like ur profile at every post ending..i want to add like that in my blog…if u dnt mine can u pls tell me how can i add like that in my blog..

  4. ur blogger template is awsome..where can i get templates like this

  5. You can check these posts for templates like this:

    Blogger templates

    and the author bio widget, I have added by searching in Google you can search author bio widget for blogger on google and you will get similar to this widget in their, other wise I will provide you such widget in next post 😀

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