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What is email marketing? What are email marketing tools?

What is email marketing? tools for email marketing


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Email marketing  has just became a very essential tool for every business to spread its reputation across globe. Email marketing is one form of direct marketing or sending emails to mass so as to promote your product or services. About lots of such mails must be coming to you as well, and mainly most of them are ignored by readers. So, what are the steps for a perfect email marketing campaign? Which are the tools that could help you for creating a great email marketing campaign and which tools will help to send mass emails to people? These all questions have been answered in this post.

What is email marketing?

The term is mainly used to refer:

  • Sending mails to a bulk of people so as to promote your services or new product.
  • To enhance the relationship with current and new customers to your website for having repeated business with them.
  • Providing advertisements to their business.

What is need for email marketing?

There are various advantages to the email marketing system due to which it is widely used over the globe. Some of advantages are:

  • It is one of the best method of online marketing and most effective marketing tactic over the years.
  • Over 50% of the world population checks or sends email everyday, so it is a fair chance that your product will get exposure.
  • You can customize your emails, make it dynamic and attractive to watch with many tools.
  • Automatic reply is a great advantage of this system and it helps in keeping your customers intact with you and also provide them with the daily updates and new things coming to the market.

What is Disadvantage or challenge for email marketing?

The main disadvantage in this field of email marketing is that lots of time or due to wrong selection of tools, your mails can jump into the spam box or may be rejected by the customers mail program and it will never be noticed by any customer. Another disadvantage is neglecting of mails by many people.

Now the main question that arises is Why to do email marketing and how to do email marketing? so here are some steps to that.

Why to do email marketing?

  1. Cheapest method for marketing: The one main aspect due to which you must do email marketing is because it is the cheapest method of marketing your product online. Whether you do it yourself or through any agency (CONTACT US FOR EMAIL MARKETING SERVICES) you have to pay very less amount for marketing your goods.
  2. Successful method over years: This method of marketing is successful over the past years and have provided a positive result to the companies. So, the chance of success through the method is very large as compared to other methods.

How to do email marketing?

There are some steps that one must keep in his mind for a successful email marketing campaigns. An expert from Marketing field has provided mnemonic “CRITICAL” as email marketing success factors.

  • Creative Work: The design of your email must be creative and attractive for the customers. Layout, images and colors must be selected very carefully.
  • Relevance: Your emails must be targeted to the type of traffic that would buy your services or product. So, targeting a correct audience is a great challenge.
  • Incentive: The customers mainly look for some great offers through the mails on which they can take action. Provide a  great offer to your customers so that they would be very much interested in your services.
  • Timing: It was 12 o’clock at night and you send a mail “Wouldn’t it be worthless?” So, select a good timing for sending a mail, so that a person must be available nearly to the moment when you send the mail.
  • Integration: Not only one thing promoting your company will work at a time. Integrate different methods to promote your services and provide same images in all the field so as for better result.
  • Copy: Consider all type of aspects of languages for copyrighting, from subject line to the signature.
  • Attributes: The attributes like heading of email, subject line, from and to address, date, time and format must be chosen correctly for not ending up your mail in spam.
  • Landing Page: The customers must be sent to the exact location of the product sales where you want them to be instead of just adding your website URL.

So, these were some great methods of email marketing of your product that could help in expanding your business.

Now lets talk about the best tools for sending the bulk emails:

Best tools for email marketing?

Here are some great tools that could help in sending mass emails to your customers.

This is a great tool for sending bulk emails at once to your customers list. You can compose some very beautiful emails with this software and then refer them to lots of people.

You can create your permission based list using this software.

You can even analyse the results of your mails by this tool.

So, just download it now.

Another great tool for sending bulk emails by customizing it.

I hope you liked this post and information we have provided you. So, do leave your valuable comments below.

Do you know any other better tool? Share with us by commenting below.


Originally posted 2014-03-08 20:10:28.

About Vishal Sharma

Hi`i' m +Vishal, a Search Engine optimizer, internet marketer, web designer, affiliate marketer & founder of this blog. I love to learn and share new things. For any query or help you can contact me at any time.


  1. Hey Vishal,

    Email marketing is surely a powerful tool to engage with readers. But it is much more than that.

    Affiliate marketers using Email Marketing as their secret weapon to boost their affiliate sales. I’m new in email marketing and doing lots of mistakes while sending emails to my mailing list.

    The most important thing to get success with email marketing is:
    1. Building Email List
    2. Maintaining relations with subscribers by taking care of them.
    3. Sending Personalize emails to them
    4. Re-Sending emails to unopened email subscribers only
    5. Split Testing
    6. and no doubt, perfect time and day.

    I think Tuesday to Thursday works great for better opening rate. And we have to do split testing to know about the best timing of sending emails.

    Anyway this is what I know and I hope it will add some value to your article too. Keep it up and continue sharing the great stuff..

    Best Regards

    • Hey Ankit,

      Thanks for sharing a great valuable comment with us. Yeah you are right that the timing is really very important in these types of work as discussed above in the post.

      Its also very essential for preparing a list of emails and then mailing your customers again and again so as to get better results.

      At last I would like to ask that which tool do you use for publishing the mails?

  2. Hey bro,

    Nice share..
    You had discussed all about email marketing.
    Email marketing will surely effect traffic of every bloggers.
    By this trick we can promote our blog/websites to every users.

    Thanks for sharing i surely appreciate this article and will defiantly share this post with m social friends.

    • Hey Utasv,

      Thanks for your response, you are right that email marketing is great for bloggers to increase traffic, but it is not just about traffic , you can get lots earnings through it by mailing special offers to your visitors and thus increasing your revenues.

      I hope you have got my point 🙂

      Thanks again for visiting 🙂 Keep supporting us 🙂

  3. Awesome information brooo. thanks to share with us. i was looking for the same. The email marketing is a great method of getting large benefits to our earnings, And the tools that you have provided are really great and helpful.
    Thanks again for the post on email marketing 🙂

  4. Adesanmi Adedotun

    Hi Vishal,

    This is a great guide for both beginner and expert in the marketing world. I’m very much new to affiliated marketing and building my mailing list has not be the other of my days but affiliated marketing is one of my resolution this year and this will be of great important to me personally. Thanks for sharing

    • Hey Ade,

      Thanks for your Response. ANd yeah you are right that email marketing is very good tool for promoting our affiliate marketing.
      And its great to see that you are working hard on all of your resolutions of the year 🙂

  5. The coolest benefit of email marketing is that you can enjoy your sleep. Yes after selling an impressive sales pitch with an email you will be earning while you are sleeping. Secondly if you have huge number of email subscribers you won’t be worrying what if Google drop your PR. You will have a strong alternate to sell if you lose lots of your organic traffic.
    Great article buddy, thanks for sharing.

    • Hey Mi Muba,

      Yeah you are right that earning is done while you are sleeping 😀 Lots of sales without any worried. Just method adopted for the email marketing must be correct.

      Thanks for your response Mi Muba 🙂
      Keep visiting 🙂

  6. Hello Vishal brother,

    First of all I want to say thanks for nice post, it is informative from scratch. Your suggested points are helpful. I wanted to add one more thing to promote your email marketing list via sharing your e-books which is still a working method to build a huge emailing list.

    I would also like to say use any professional email marketing platform too along with free services, it really worth to do.

    Great stuff mate, keep blogging…

    • Hey Atul,

      Yeah you provided a great point by which we can make a long email list, by e-books. You can provide free ebooks to your visitors and ask for the email addresses, name and phone no. type of things from them.
      And thanks atul for valuable comment 🙂

      Keep visiting 🙂

  7. Hi ,
    Email marketing is really important if you want to increase the brand value. By there are many email marketing service can you suggest me best email marketing which is free also and can store unlimited email id.

  8. Perfect Post vishal.You have discussed each and every aspect of Email Marketing,but i think you should have discussed about Aweber or GetResponse instead of Send Blaster,because newbies dont generally fall into email blasting as Spamming is a big issue there.

    • Hey Abhijit,
      Thanks for your appreciation. Yeah you are absolutely right that I have missed out two very good tools for email marketing that are Aweber and Getresponse. I will surely adds these two tools in my next post about email marketing 🙂

      Thanks again for your views 🙂

  9. The CRITICAL email marketing success factors are my best takeaway from this post. I believe that email marketing is helpful for online success, and every marketer needs to take advantage of it.

    I have shared this comment in where this this post was found and “kingged” for its value to Internet marketers.

  10. Hi there!

    Awesome post. Email marketing is a MUST for anyone buidling an online business. In fact I recently published a tutorial post showing you step-by-step how to build your own email list.

    Check it out here and let me know your thoughts?

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