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Easy ways to increase your Subscribers and Traffic: Best methods online

Easy ways to increase your Subscribers and Traffic: Best methods online
Creating a new blog is very easy task, but maintaining it is a challenge. And these two challenges that also come in the way are increasing your traffic and subscribers to the website. These two things are interconnected as when your subscribers will increase, then your traffic will surely increase. I had provided most killer steps to increase traffic on blog previously, these are also great tips for increasing your traffic but one more thing that can help in boosting your traffic is increase in subscribers.
So, what are the main things or points that can help in increasing of your subscribers and hence traffic.
Here are some killer tips that can help you in increasing your subscribers:

Ways to increase Your Subscribers

Add Subscription Box

You must have added a subscription box in your website. This helps visitors to subscribe to your blog. Place the subscription box at a place where you think more visitors can click and subscribe. The best places are at the top of title or at the end of the post as you can see at end of my website.
Now, if you are seeing that, so do subscribe 😉 and get latest updates direct to your mail address.

Giveaways and contests

This is best method of getting subscribers of your website. Hold giveaways in which provide task like be a subscriber and win this___. Or any such contest. Offer ad places, free themes, free seo help, free hosting and such different tasks so as to get more subscribers and hence traffic to your website.
You can also take part in our GiveawayGive Away #1: Get Your ad banner placed on our Website For free : for getting more exposure to your website.

Recovering of unverified Subscribers

This is very essential step. Many times a visitor subscribes to your website but doesn’t verify his subscription. So, you have to remind them of the subscription by sending them a mail. Now you may be thinking of the way in which you can find the unverified subscribers, then read these simple steps:
  • Open Feedback burner account
  • Click on your website name or say feed title.
  • Click on Publicize option at top bar.
Subscribe and traffic
  • Click on Email Subscription option at left hand side.
  • Now click on subscription management option below Email subscription.
  • Click on view subscriber details option at the bottom.
Easy ways to increase your Subscribers and Traffic: Best methods online
  • Now you will get the list of all the verified and unverified subscribers.
  • Thing you will have to do now is send a reminder mail to all unverified subscribers.
  • This will surely help you in increasing your subscribers.
In this way you can easily increase your subscribers.

Join Fb Groups And ask Friends

You can join different groups of Facebook and Google+ and all other so as to increase your friends and ask them for subscription. Here is the list of some FB groups:
and many more..

 Your turn

Hope you liked these tips. If you have more than do comment. Also comment for response for this post 🙂
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Originally posted 2013-07-05 22:51:00.

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