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Make Money Online: How to make money online ?

Earning Methods online: Best List of Ways of Earning Online
Now day’s every person is in this world wants to earn extra money by doing some part-time jobs. Internet has become the best medium for  earning online. People around the world are earning lots and lots of make money online. Some have made earning online as their full-time job. Now, in this post I will tell you some great methods to make money online.

Every body wants that he/she earns some extra penny so that he/she can become self-dependent. If you are one of those then you are at right place. Here, I will provide you some best and most famous earning methods online.
Now if you have your own blog then you may know that you can earn money by monetizing it. Now if you don’t have a blog and still you want to earn(Bloggers can also earn) then just follow these great methods of earning.

Make Money online : Earning methods

1. Freelancing

I think most of you may know that what freelancing is. If you don’t know then, I want to tell you that freelancing is a way of earning in which a person offers you job in the field you are best. You will have to sign up into different Freelancing website and then choose the field in which you are master or you can perform your job. Then just choose the job you can do or say search for the job. If  the person providing job, chooses for the job, then you after completing job you will be paid.
Make profile as better as you can make. So, that person chooses you for the job.
Here is a list of some freelancing websites:

2. Writing Articles

This is also a great method of earning revenues. Many big websites need writers for their blog. Just provide them your posts and earn for each post.
Otherwise you can self post the articles by making a blog and earn by monetizing the blog.
If you want to start a website then buy a hosting at lowest price from here.

3. Surveys online

The online surveys is one of best earning methods online. You have to provide your reviews about some services or products that they ask and they pay you for that. It’s just earning method online without much efforts. You can try some websites like Toluna, SurveyScout etc.

4. Earning Through YouTube

This is another great method earning online. You have to just add attractive and great videos onto YouTube and according to the number of viewers and clicks on your videos, you get paid. The best method to earn through YouTube is join it to your blog. This helps in getting more traffic to your YouTube videos.

5. Buy and Sell

This is another great method of earning online especially for students. In which you have to sell some product. Now days there are many affiliate companies that are coming into play. Just get join with them and get commission for each of your selling item. Quikr, OLX, Ebay are some good options for buying and selling things. Buy any product at lowest price from these websites and sell it at higher price to other.

6. Data Entry

This is another great earning method online. These types of jobs are provided at large-scale online. Just enter to these websites and start earning more revenue.

7. PTC sites

Paid to click sites provides money for clicking advertisements. But they pay very low. There are lots and lots of PTC sites but maximum of them are fake, so be careful. Neobux is one of oldest and most trusted PTC site. This is not a good option for India, Pakistan and some Asian countries as due to some paypal problems. PTC site is good for one who is not in hurry of earning.

8. Blogging

This is best earning method online of all as in this method you can earn through many different fields at a time. If your website is having good reputation then your chances of getting online jobs become very easy. So, if you don’t have any website yet then start it now, only for few dollars.

9. Flip Domain names

Lots of people online are making money and earning by selling and buying domain names. One of the best strategies is to look for high ranking keywords and trending topics and buy domains in acronyms. There was a case when a domain naming was bought for $2,00,000 when a company with name “Contract Pharmaceutical Corporation” thus there are lots of chances of earning through this method.

10. Sell Stock photos

Another great method to earn is to sell high quality photos stocks online. Since lots of website are present online that are paying for selling stocks of images to them. Some of the websites provide the platform where you can post your images and earn according to the number of downloads of the images. ShutterStock, iStockphotoand Fotolia are a few good places to shop.

11. Selling ebooks online

eBooks selling is a great method to earn money online. Just work out with your efforts on making an eBook on the topic with high searches and demand. And just keep a reasonable price for your eBook and publicize it online, on eBook selling websites, on your website. And see the results. This can make you lots of bucks in small time.

What are the points to keep in mind to earn money online ?

  • Dedication is required
  • Full efforts must be applied to the work you choose from above methods.
  • Maintain good impression on your customers and the others online.
So, now you are ready to earn money online.

Originally posted 2013-07-05 00:32:00.

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