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Create Your Own Blog:Guide

Create your own blog

Do you want to create your own blog? Then here are the tips that would be really essential and helpful for you. Read this post carefully as you will learn a lot from it.

Let us start with the steps you will have to follow:

1. Sign Up To Blogger

The first step ofcourse would be sign up to blogger. CLICK HERE to sign up to blogger.

2. Choose Topic for Your Blog

The first thing that you will have to keep in mind for creating your blog is select the topic  for it. In my post Best topics for blog/ website. I have discussed top 10 blog Topics for creating your own blog or website. These are the topics that will lead you to create a blog on topic that is mostly searched by the people.

3. Prevent mistakes In your Blog

The second thing to keep in your mind is prevent the mistakes that are mostly made by people while making blog or after creating it. You can follow my post Main Blogging Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Blog.
After this lets move on.

4. Make Site Looks Professional

Now its time to make your website look professional. So, choose the theme or template with lots of care. And choose a theme that has light back ground. The site which takes less time to open, mostly attract the people so, keep your website light and don't install, unwanted plugins/widgets.
For some essential widgets You can refer my post:

5. Increase your internet presence 

Now the thing you will have to do is increase your internet presence. For that you will have to follow my post Tips To build Internet Presence. This will provide you with all the different ways in which you can increase your internet presense easily and most effectively. 

6. Increase traffic To Your Blog

Now you have to increase the traffic to your blog. The next step is now you have a kind of blog that is quite interesting. Now You will have to increase traffic to your blogger. This can be done by following my post: Tips To Increase Website Traffic.
This will help in boosting your website traffic. 

7. Increase SEO Of your Blog

Now the thing you will have to follow is increase seo of your content in your blogger for that you will have to follow my post : Best SEO Tips
Now your blog is ready for adsense to be applied.

8. Apply Adsense Or Other Alternative Methods 

Now its time to start earning from blog. For that you will have to apply for adsense or take alternative methods.
You will have to follow my following posts for this:
For earning more from adsense, as you know that very less people click on your ads, so how to increase clicks from them.. For that you will have to follow two of my best posts:
Here are some more useful posts that may help you:
Hope you loved it 🙂 This is a tutorial that will help you to raise your website rank in few weeks. Just follow it.
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