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Hostgator Hosting : 75% off Special Offer

Hostgator Hosting

Hostgator is providing the Baby plan worth $105 only for $65, isn’t it amazing. So, what are you waiting for this is the time for you to buy the hostgator unlimited domain name, unlimited bandwidth hosting at so low price. This plan is just valid or available for only few days. So, hurry and buy the hosting now. We are ... Read More »

Review: Hostgator Hosting Review 2014

Hostgator Hosting Review 2014

Disclosure: I have used the hostgator Hosting from last two years and this review is on the basis of that. We are affiliate partners of hostgator and we earn a commission on every hosting you buy from our affiliate link of hostgator.   Hostgator-“We eat Competition” : As is the tagline of hostgator, they are really one of the leading hosting providers that ... Read More »

11 Essential WordPress Blogging Tools

11 Essential WordPress Blogging Tools

It is an undeniable fact that WordPress has changed the way websites and blogs are created since its arrival on the web. The simple user interface and even simpler management plugins make it extremely easy for aspirants to create websites and blogs, regardless of whether their primary purpose is to make some money, or disseminate knowledge and information. However, even though ... Read More »

Revealed: 8 Effective Tips to Counter Writer’s Block!

8 Effective Tips to Counter Writer’s Block

Guest Post by Sylvia M Lewis. Writing is a highly challenging task that not many people can do with success. There are times when you feel too bored and doing something like writing would be the last thing that you want. In other cases, you are just too stressed out to put your thoughts or ideas on piece of paper. Remember, ... Read More »

How to speed up website with Gzip compression

Gzip compression

The amount of data to be sent from the server to the user’s browser will decrease dramatically if Gzip compression is enabled on a website. And thereby your website’s loading speed will decrease by a great amount. Now compressing your website will help you in many ways it will strengthen your website. Here are some of the advantages of enabling the ... Read More »

How do I edit .htaccess file from wordpress dashboard

Tricks to edit the .htaccess file from wordpress dashboard

403, 503, forbidden and such different errors are caused by the .htaccess file. This is the file that you will find in your cpanel. Many time it is required to edit these files, mainly when you have to enable Gzip compression on your blog. So, in this post I am providing few simple methods on “How do I edit .htaccess ... Read More »

How to Reduce Spam Comments on WordPress Blog

How to Reduce Spam Comments on WordPress Blog

Spam comments are very harmful for the reputation and the rankings of the website. You must have gone through this that, when you open your website dashboard you see for example: 2000 new comments, but when you check them all of them are spam, filled with ugly URLs and other languages that you even don’t understand. So, in this post ... Read More »

How to fill Hostgator W8-BEN tax form for non-US individuals

How to fill Hostgator W8-BEN tax form for non-US individuals

Have you just set up a new hostgator affiliate account and are now asked to fill the “W8-BEN” tax form for non-US individuals. So, here are the steps that you will have to follow to fill the hostgator form. Hostgator is a great choice when it comes to earning from the affiliate programming. They provide the best deals for earning from ... Read More »

Best Google Adsense WordPress Plugins in 2014

Adsense WordPress Plugins

Plugins are the features that are provided by WordPress for making our tasks easier and better executable. So, if you are trying to find a way out for maximizing your earnings through Google Adsense by placing it at the best locations on your page that you want, then this post is for you. In this post, we are discussing about ... Read More »

8 Easy ways to protect WordPress website from Hackers

8 Easy ways to protect WordPress website from Hackers

WordPress is a platform that has grown up in the field of website over the past few years. So, it is grabbing attention of the hackers towards its. So, it is very essential for a webmaster to protect his blog from any kind of attack to your website. An attack to your website can easily led your hard work of ... Read More »