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SEOPressor V5: Boost up your Ranking fast : Reviews

SEOPressor is the latest SEO plugin that has attracted lots of people towards it due its very useful features. Many of my friends using WordPress hosting are using this great plugin. This provides lots and lots of new features that helps in increasing the ranking of a website by a great amount. Previously, I used to recommend Yoast SEO but ... Read More »

List of Best Social plugins for wordpress

To increase growth of your website it is very essential to use social plugins on WordPress, so as more people join your website and more people follow your blog. Here in this article I will provide you all with the list of best social plugins for WordPress. I have searched a lot and after lots of search, I am here ... Read More »

Best Plugins for eCommerce for wordpress: Best list

As you know that day by day the popularity of online shopping is increasing. Daily reviews of different products and movies are at a huge demand. So, if you have a set up a website for it and If you are looking for e-Commerce Plugins then this is the right place. I will provide you with the list of best e-commerce plugins that ... Read More »

Best security plugins for WordPress: Best List

I have been using many plugins in my previous website which was on WordPress platform. There were some plugins that suited best for security of WordPress website. Here in this post I am going to disclose the list of best security plugins for WordPress which will protect your website from hacking and other security threats. Here is the list of ... Read More »

Best Plugin for SEO in WordPress 2013 : Must watch list

WordPress provides a very comfortable field of customizing your website in the way you want. You just have to add plugins and its done. Here in this post I will be discussing the best SEO plugins in 2013. As you all know that SEO( Search Engine Optimization) is the basic need of the website to increase its pagerank and the ... Read More »

How to Create Favicon for your Blog

Are you watching blogs not having the blogger default symbol  at top of website URL and you also want to change it. Then here are simple steps to do that. Here are the tips on how to Create Favicon for your blog. Just follow the following simple steps to add an identity to your website. Here are the steps to design ... Read More »

The Best Landing Page Plugins For WordPress Designs free

The Best Landing Page Plugins For WordPress Designs free

To create an attractive landing page, high converting sales page, welcome pages and similar attractive pages, here are few plugins that can help you out in it. So, just get started and choose the best plugin for creating a perfect landing page for your website. Most of these plugins are perfect for creating business website. There are following methods which ... Read More »

How to Add Free Live Chat in WordPress

How to Add Free Live Chat in WordPress

You must have seen a lot of websites providing the live chat on their website’s. This is one of the great method of increasing your sales and interactions with your users. Here below are the methods of adding live chat to your WordPress website. There are two methods in which you can do that, one is using plugins for live ... Read More »

11 Essential WordPress Blogging Tools

11 Essential WordPress Blogging Tools

It is an undeniable fact that WordPress has changed the way websites and blogs are created since its arrival on the web. The simple user interface and even simpler management plugins make it extremely easy for aspirants to create websites and blogs, regardless of whether their primary purpose is to make some money, or disseminate knowledge and information. However, even though ... Read More »

Best Google Adsense WordPress Plugins in 2014

Adsense WordPress Plugins

Plugins are the features that are provided by WordPress for making our tasks easier and better executable. So, if you are trying to find a way out for maximizing your earnings through Google Adsense by placing it at the best locations on your page that you want, then this post is for you. In this post, we are discussing about ... Read More »