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[Result out] Giveaway #3 : Win 1 of 5 Free Blogengage Standard account- For boosting Your traffic

Here we are back friends, with our 3rd big Giveaway for you all. You have a great chance of winning the Blogengage Standard account for free of cost. There are 5 blogengage accounts that are now on the line, if you are willing to boost up your website’s traffic then just participate in the contest and win the account worth £19.99 ... Read More »

BlogEngage Community – Promote your blog


Previous Post: Best Web hosting providers in 2014 Hey friends, today I have brought you a very popular method of increasing your website traffic and promoting your blog “Blogengage community“. This is a great place where you can interact with millions of bloggers and you can share your blog posts and create links to your website through this great website. There ... Read More »

Who are the best domain name providers?

best domain name providers

Previous Section:  How to select a perfect domain name for new blog In previous section, we had learned how to choose a best domain name for your blog. In today’s section we will learn that who are the best domain name providers. So, before buying your domain name, first be sure about the topic and also the domain name that will ... Read More »

How to get thousands of free real twitter followers? Best tricks

free real twitter followers

It is a great saying by my friend that “There only two types of twitter users in the world. One that want to increase their twitter followers and others that lie.” There are lots and lots of people that want more and more followers for their twitter account. And if you are reading our article then you are one of ... Read More »

What are robot.txt files? How to optimize Website by robot.txt files?

How to optimize Website by robot.txt files

A robot.txt file is the file that tells the search engines if they have to crawl a particular part or not. This file is placed in the root directory of the website. These are the files used to restrict the use of particular parts of the website that are not of any use to the users. For website to be ... Read More »

How to Become a Successful Blogger: Reviews By 11 Professional Bloggers

How to Become a Successful Blogger

Today, I have compiled a list of reviews by 11 different blogger friends, on the topic “how to become successful in blogging”. Just check out the experience of all the professional bloggers and find the secret to become successful in blogging field. Tips by 10 Professional Blogger Friends Ankit Singla Website: BloggerTipsTricks Why actually you want to be successful in ... Read More »

Top Link Building Strategies for 2014

Link building strategies 2014

Link building is an essential element that determines the strength and the reach of a website. It is very important factor that is useful for improving your SEO and strengthening your online presence. Google Pagerank  also depends heavily on the links to your website. So, what are the steps that helps in building more links? If you are searching for ... Read More »

The top 20 most expensive Keywords in Google Adwords

most expensive Keywords in Google Adwords

Google is earning a lot and lots of profit everyday. The earnings of Google is in billions and maximum of which is coming from advertisers. These advertisers pay Google a huge amounts every year, and some of the keywords that are most expensive according to Google Adwords. Will be discussed in this post. These keywords provide the maximum cost per ... Read More »

What is Google Authorship Ranking? How to Improve it?

Google Authorship Ranking

Google has updated its search Algorithms time to time and are always improving the search quality. Google Authorship ranking is one of such features of Google. The users of Google must have observed that the search result carrying an image of author, Google+ followers, author name. These are the webmasters that are taking full advantages of the Google authorship. These ... Read More »

Best WordPress Popup Plugins for Website

Best wordpress popup plugins

Here today in this post I am going to introduce you some of the best WordPress popup plugins. These are the plugins that can be used in many different ways you want. You can use popups to promote your posts, new offers, promote your Facebook, Google+, Twitter or any other pages. Mainly Popups are not recommended as they increase the ... Read More »