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SEOPressor V5: Boost up your Ranking fast : Reviews

SEOPressor is the latest SEO plugin that has attracted lots of people towards it due its very useful features. Many of my friends using WordPress hosting are using this great plugin. This provides lots and lots of new features that helps in increasing the ranking of a website by a great amount. Previously, I used to recommend Yoast SEO but ... Read More »

How to Add Meta tag to blogger: Search Engine Optimization Tips

add meta tags

For making your blog fully search Engine optimized you must do all necessary steps for increasing it. One of all important things for achieving your goal is adding mega tags to blogger. So, that the searching of keywords of your blog is easy. Adding mega-tag to your website is a smart way of bringing traffic to your website. Here in this ... Read More »

Add a stylish Recent post widget for blogger

In my previous posts about recent post widget I had provided you with Simple Recent post widget and also with Animated Recent post widget. Here in this post I will provide you all with a new stylish widget that would attract a lots of people towards it. This widget is with a thumbnail and a scroll so makes your website very attractive. If ... Read More »

Recent Comments Widget for blogger with avatar

The recent comment widget for a blogger is useful for showing the recent comments on any post of your blog. This widget will provide you with the name of commentator, with the name of post on which he/she has commented and few lines of the comment and the main thing you will be able to see avatar of the person ... Read More »

How to Backup and Restore your Blogger Template

Most blogger try to do some modifications in their blogger template, and it is very difficult to find out any error in the HTML code of template, if you made any mistake. So, it is better to back up your template, so as if any problem occurs during modification you can restore it back without any mistake. It is really very ... Read More »

How to Create Favicon for your Blog

Are you watching blogs not having the blogger default symbol  at top of website URL and you also want to change it. Then here are simple steps to do that. Here are the tips on how to Create Favicon for your blog. Just follow the following simple steps to add an identity to your website. Here are the steps to design ... Read More »

Animated Recent Posts Widget For Blogger with Thumbnails: Simple way

Do you want to attract your visitors by showing them impressive animated Recent posts widget? So that the visitors remain on your blog for more time and view all interesting posts. Then here I am going to provide you all with the animated Recent post widget in my new section of blog which is Impressive Widgets For Bloggers. The effect ... Read More »

What is email marketing? What are email marketing tools?

What is email marketing? tools for email marketing

  Previous Post: What is SEO? How to search engine optimization? Email marketing  has just became a very essential tool for every business to spread its reputation across globe. Email marketing is one form of direct marketing or sending emails to mass so as to promote your product or services. About lots of such mails must be coming to you as ... Read More »

Bubbly Balloon Follow Me Buttons for Bloggers

bubbly social buttons for blogger

Bubbly Balloon Follow Me Button for Blogger are very beautiful and sexy in looks. This buttons are made to attract your visitors or reader to click on it and become a fan or follower of your blog.This buttons have a zoom effect on hover (mouse over).So this effect makes this buttons more beautiful.So have this buttons on your blog. Originally posted 2013-09-22 16:34:25. Read More »

Best 5 forum Plugins for wordpress


Do you want to start a Forum on your website, and then here I have brought the best Forum Plugins for wordpress users. Starting forums on your website is a great way of building up a community of your own online. This can help you in many ways: like increasing your traffic, increasing your website presence online, build up relations ... Read More »