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Making Money from money: Where To Invest Money On Blog

To earn large profit from your blog the first and the main thing that you must follow is this quotation i.e.  “ Money makes Money”. You will have to invest some money on your blog this will help in increasing your traffic, Google ranking, earnings and presence on internet.   Just follow this post to know where to invest on ... Read More »

Main Blogging Mistakes That Can Stop Your Blog Growth

Every human being makes mistakes, but the one that catch his mistakes and then works on correcting it is the one who gets to the goal he/she is dreaming of. There are about thousands and lakhs of new bloggers coming up everyday. Some of them start earning well but most of them due to following silly mistakes can ruin their ... Read More »

WordPress Vs Blogger

Are you confused that which one of the two blogger or wordpress, which platform is better for creating a website. Here in this article I will solve the question for you all. I have tried both the platforms and I am having quite a good knowledge which is better and for what reason. Every person before creating a website has ... Read More »

How to Add Keywords In Blogger

This is the question on every one’s mind that how to add keywords in blogger. It is easy to add keywords in WordPress as we have lots of plugins that help in adding keywords, but in blogger we don’t have any option for adding keywords. Due to which our search engine optimization of the content us not complete. Here in ... Read More »

Best Niche For Your Blog

There is a question in everyone’s mind that what niche to choose for there blogger or website!! Don’t worry here is the solution for your confusion. I am listing the best Niche for your blog in 2014. Firstly, what do you mean by a Niche? Niche is the basic category that you are choosing for your blogger or your website. ... Read More »

How to Create a Creative 404 Error page for your Site?

Regardless of the attention to detailed paid to the web design and maintenance of a site, 404 errors are bound to occur at some point. These error pages of course appear when a visitor clicks on a link that should lead to another page on the site, but for some reason it does not. The link could be incorrect, or perhaps you ... Read More »

The best websites to learn coding Online

The best websites to learn coding Online

Each and every programming language has a great demand in both industrial and Web Development fields, so if you are looking to learn programming online sitting at home without paying to tutors and all then just go through the list below and improve your programming skills. All these coding websites provided below have provided a very well-organized programming tutorials. Coding ... Read More »

Defending Your Contents Against Content Theft

Defending Your Contents Against Content Theft

Stealing contents is easy. Publishing contents is as simple as copy and paste. High-quality content is an asset, and protecting such asset as well as the investment in building it is a must. Sadly, no one can totally prevent content theft. The only thing that you can do is to protect and defend your contents against the unscrupulous ones. Here’s ... Read More »

Useful Ways to Keep Old Posts Alive

Useful Ways to Keep Old Posts Alive

Making a blog posts takes a lots of efforts and it feels very nice when the posts rank high in the search engine. But, it hurts when the old posts lose their rankings and start coming down. So, what are the steps that can be followed to keep alive your old posts? Here in this post are some useful ways ... Read More »

Revealed: 8 Effective Tips to Counter Writer’s Block!

8 Effective Tips to Counter Writer’s Block

Guest Post by Sylvia M Lewis. Writing is a highly challenging task that not many people can do with success. There are times when you feel too bored and doing something like writing would be the last thing that you want. In other cases, you are just too stressed out to put your thoughts or ideas on piece of paper. Remember, ... Read More »