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Blogging tips to Use Keywords in your blog post

Blogging tips to Use Keywords in your blog postSearch engines are the most important factor that are responsible for bringing traffic to your website. Search Engine optimization is the way of bringing your posts above in search results and therefore increase traffic to your website from search engines. The way to use keywords in your blog post is the most important aspect of optimizing your website with best on-page optimization.

First step is Keyword research, you must carry out keyword research for your blog post using Google keyword planner, Google trends etc. Now after that follow the below given trick to increase traffic to your website and optimize your blog post.

Blogging tips to Use Keywords in your blog post

1. Use Keywords in Blog post title

This is the most basic step, which is that you must always keep the keywords in your post title. The post title must contain a long tail keyword to optimize it for search results. Don’t try to lose the keywords in the title for sake of making the title compelling to click. Learn

2. Maintain the Keyword density

Use the keywords multiple times in a blog post. You must maintain the keyword density above 2-3% in your post. Avoid Keyword stuffing (Learn about Keyword Stuffing and other non-optimization techniques). Try to bring the keyword of your post in the first paragraph or within first 150-200 words. Also try to add keywords at the end of the post.

3. Don’t use too many keyword phrases

Use of 2-3 keyword phrases is enough for optimizing your post. Don’t try to add too many keyword phrases. If you commit this invalid thing then your post may be seen as a spam by search results, thus making it difficult for your website to rank higher in the search results. As I mentioned above use long tail keywords for optimizing your posts.

4. Add Keywords in Alt tags of images

The images of your posts can also be optimized by adding alt tags to the images. Whenever you add an image to your post in WordPress there is an option of title and Alt tag, just fill in these both fields for optimizing your post. For bloggers, after uploading the images, when you click on the image you get an option of properties, click there and you will get the option for alt tags and title, just add the fields and your image is fully optimized. Try to use keywords in the alt tags of your images.

5. Link Your Keywords

Its is observed that the keywords with links are more visible to the bots than the non linked keywords, so try to add links to your keywords, it may be internal or external link. This helps is optimizing your post completely. But also keep some limit in the number of links in the post otherwise your post can be flagged as spam.

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  1. Hello Vishal,
    In this article i found lots of thing new and unique. And all points are very helpfull for all bloggers. But can you tell me the meaning of “keyword phrases” in simple language.

    • Keyword Phrases – Its just the number of long tail keywords or simple keywords you are using in your website. Concentrate on only one or two keywords for better results in a single post.

  2. I am a regular reader of your website. Always find such a new things. if you continue your work as u do surely become a pro blogger in very near future..

  3. Well, these tips are worth reading and acting upon but I would also like to say that Keywords must be added in the meta description and other headings of the blogs but not in every heading as it rather comes in the criteria of Keyword Density or Keyword Stuffing.

    Thanks for sharing …. !

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