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BlockChain vs Coinbase Which is better online BTC wallets?

Millions of people all around the world are using bitcon. Bitcon is digital currency that lots of people around the world are using and most are have heard about it and are curious to use it. The bitcon is one of the great advanced method of flow of cypto-money online over internet. But all over the world the main question that arises is that which is the best online BTC wallets : Blockchain vs Coinbase.

There are lots of companies online providing this service but best out of all when calculated that are mostly used are: Blockchain vs Coinbase.

Both the companies are currently providing their services to lots of people. BloackChain where serves more than 5,00,000+ users, on the other hand Coinbase is serving about 3,30,000+ users online.

Lets discuss about these both companies separately:



BlockChain vs Coinbase Which is better online BTC wallets?

Coinbase is one of the leading Bitcon wallet providing company that is stated in California. More than 3,30,000+ users are loving the services of this company all over the world.

This company is famously known as the Paypal of Bitcon network due to its superb services. The website has a great interface and great looks as compared to the Blockchain but still is at number #2 rankings in the world due to few disadvantages.

The features of Coinbase are as follows:

Coinbase :Features and advantages:

  • Safe and secure website that provide 100% security to your Bitcon transactions.
  •  Great website looks
  • Easy login to your account.
  • Can be used on your Phone for their exceptional services.
  • As stated above its called paypal of bitcon world, so easy transactions.
  • Pay by email services.
  • Merchant services are provided.

Disadvantages of Coinbase

  • Interfacing is not as smooth as Blockchain is considered.
  • Weaker security as compared to BlockChain.
  • As I learned from few reviews online, it more likely to get hacked on Coinbase than on Blockchain



BlockChain vs Coinbase Which is better online BTC wallets? is a New York, UK based company that is currently at the number one position on the bitcoin business. The company provides smooth Bitcon market, wallet services, block chain exploring information.

This is the service provider that is always recommended by anyone for bitcon wallet. They provide more security to your account, great speed of transaction and many more features as discussed below.

Features : BlockChain

  • Detailed transactions online with full security.
  • Secure login, only login with an identifier.
  • Can send and receive data online easily.
  • Mobile app is also available for android and i-phone users.
  • Provides some features like: Blockchain explorer, keys backup, Control of private key by you.
  • Free for use without any first time investments.
  • For security reason, you cannot login from all IP addresses and computers, as I told above that identifier is used for checking your position of login, so you will have to get the code from the mail you get in your email account.


  • Pay by email, link to bank account, merchant services not provided.
  • Bitcon cannot be purchased as no option of it.

Conclusion at last

So, at last result of BlockChain vs Coinbase battle is: if you have gone through the above points carefully than if you are looking for more secure, free, nice interface then you must go with blockchain as we also recommend. Whereas if you are looking for buying Bitcoins instantly then Coinbase is better.

So, choose the service that you like for yourself.

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