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Bigger, Bendable LG G4 expected to sport a 20 MP camera

Bigger, Bendable LG G4 expected to sport a 20 MP cameraLG is already too proud for the enormous success that G3 gathered. Success introduces you with the pressure of expectation, and the manufacturer is currently realizing it perfectly for the upcoming G4. In addition, there are some serious contenders like Samsung Galaxy S6 available as well to hardly allow any kind of neglect. Here we share all those hot receive regarding the device.

Display: Bigger than G3

Following perfectly the current trend of larger displays, LG is all set to make its G4 a mammoth device. According to the sources, the product will flaunt a 5.6 inches display. The same source has to say it’s going to be a device of 148.9 x 76.5 x 9.9 mm thickness being even bigger than its predecessor. There have been screen shots received showing minutely curved display, and speculations mount that it is nothing but the LG G4.

G4 Note: almost a bigger edition of G4

Being a geek I know you would be already having the news of LG applying for trademark of G4 Note. News is that the product is may be released anywhere during the end of the year. Basically, it is nothing but a redefined edition of G4 having almost the same sort of characteristics. However, some other sources are there to claim that the product might be sporting even bigger display of 5.8-6 inches.

Unpredictable LG expected to release G4 by Q4:

LG surprises its fans every time in terms of releasing a product. G2 came up during September, and G3 in May next year. Many were aiming for G4 to premiere this MWC, which also didn’t happen. Now rumors are floating for the product to be available by final quarter this year.

LG G4 display

Earlier we were having the news for the LG G4 to be having a display of 3k (1620 x 2880) pixels resolutions. Now we are hearing the product might be of 4K display! It means, we will be witnessing a 1560 x 1440 pixel LG G4 this time. Making it spicier, the company has already shown you the trailer of bendable technology.

An all metal body:

Fans expect something refreshing always from a leading manufacturer like LG. Buzz is that G4 will be a different stuff in comparison with G3. On a whole, you can sketch a device with all metal body, pretty much trimmed and bendable as we have mentioned above with the forthcoming G4.

LG G4 Performance:

You can’t really stand out in this competitive scenario without being super competitive. Sources claim the upcoming G4 will be performing through a Snapdragon 810 64 bit processing unit mated with a perfect 3 GB RAM. The product will be playing through Android Lollipop platform.


Coming to the snapping options, LG G4 is speculated to pack a 20 MP sensor at its main end that is a straight 4 MP hike in comparison with the earlier reports. Interestingly, the manufacturer has kept things perfectly zipped regarding the front facing shooter as it might be planning to read the situations better. Still, at least 6 MP options at front looks pretty much confirmed.

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Prakash Thakur is Android geek who has a keen eye on news, rumors and all the unusual stuff that happens around LG G4 and Galaxy S6 cases.

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