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Best URL Shorter to Earn Money

Best URL Shorter to Earn MoneyEarning money without any technical skill or even without blogging, can be done through URL shorter websites. There are lots of website’s out there that pay for URL shortening, but when it comes to best there are only few. Easy money can be earned through these URL shortening websites, in the URL Shorter discussed here, you can earn $5 per 1000 views, which is a great deal if you have your own YouTube Channel, Facebook or any other social media account and your own blog will add to the taste.

The task is simple, you just have to add any URL in this URL shorter and then the number visitors coming through these short URL’s will be shown ad for 5 seconds after which they can skip the ad, and thus you would have earned some bucks. Referral systems of these programs add some more bucks to your pocket. Most you get 20% of the referrals income for lifetime, which is a great deal.

So, here is the most trusted and most widely used URL shortening websites provided below:

Best URL Shorter to Earn Money

1. is one of the most trusted and widely used URL shorter services, which is paying huge amount to its publishers everyday from years. You must have seen most of the software sharing websites using to optimize there blogs. You can earn around $5 per 1000 visitors , which is a great amount for such a low visitors, and also if the visitors you get are from United States, Canada, Australia you earn a better revenue. The minimum payout is $5.

I have been used from a long time in mine blogs and other social media accounts and I have got a really good results from this URL shorter. So, signup today to this URL shorter and earn a great amount.

The working of is simple, you shorten any link from after creating your account, and when a visitor clicks on the link they see a 5 seconds ad after which they can skip the ad to the landing page.

For Example: Click Here to see the type of ads provided by

2. Shorte

Shorte is another new but famous URL shortening company which pays around $1 to $4 per 1000 visitors. The minimum payout is $5. They also have a referral system of 20% commission.  Shorte provides various tools and services unlike other URL shortening companies.

These are the best URL shortening website through which you can earn a great amount. There are many other URL shortening websites out there, but it would be better to discuss about only best of all then providing a huge list of the websites.

Just join one of the shortening website and start earning a great amount, whether you have a blog or not. Now earning money online is easy.

Originally posted 2015-05-10 12:02:16.

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