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Best tips to write a successful e-book: Easy and effective tips

Best tips to write a successful e-book: Easy and effective tips
Are you writing an e-book for first time or have written one but is not so successful? Then you are at right place to learn tips for writing a successful e-book. The things that you will have to do is follow the upcoming easy steps and then start writing and earning from your e-book. Now days people are preferring e-books as they have low-cost, no maintenance required, easy to carry. So, it is a good option for start making e-book.

Now if you are interested in writing an  e-book then just follow the upcoming tips.

Tips for writing a successful e-Book

1. Think of a fantastic Idea

Before writing an e-book, obviously the main step will be to choose a great topic to write on. Writing an e-book is similar to writing a book, the only difference is the medium of publishing it. It is quite difficult to choose the topic that best suites for writing an e-book. Now, how to choose a topic: Firstly write the topics that you think can be best for e-book on a paper, notepad and then select out a topic that is best from these. Ex- Like I give blogging tips, so It will be great if I like an e-book naming: “Best Professional Blogging tips” or “Become Pro from beginner”. Such topics will surely attract many visitors.

2. Planing of sub-topics

Now when you have selected a great post title or say idea, now you will have to expand that idea. Think of the sub-topics that you can cover in this e-book. Only first write headings on notepad. When you are ready with all plotting, so now you can start organizing your ideas.When finished with its time to write 😀

3. Review your E-book

After completing with your e-book writing now its time to review it thoroughly. If there is any problem correct and see if now its perfect for publishing.
Check for any errors, any misspellings, some thing not suitable in e-book. After that you are ready for publishing. But there are some more factors below.

Decoration and all 😀

4. Set E-book Cover

Now next thing how your e-book will look attractive for that insert an attractive front cover. The cover must be appealing. This is the best marketing tool. This is the first thing that is noticed by any buyer. So, set up a cover after lots of research.

5. Easily Visible Font

The e-book must contain the fonts that are easily visible as a person reading e-book is always on some mobile, tablet or such thing so, the font style must be such that the person can easily read your e-book.
The preferred fonts are Verdana, Tahoma, Georgia, Arial etc.
The font size must be large so, that it’s easily visible to the reader, in my view it must be 14px.

 7. Write In Points or Paragraphs

Always write your e-book in small paragraphs or points, so that its easier for the reader to read the content. It is easy to read long para’s on a hard copy, but on e-books its difficult as small hindrance can make forgot person where he was.

8. Ideal Length

The length of the e-book is another issue that come’s into play, in my view and as referred by many high professionals that length of 20-30 pages is best for an e-book. If your e-book is longer in length, then do prefer making two different parts of the e-book.

9. Add Links to your Site

Don’t forget to add your site links to the e-book so that, your traffic gets a boost and more page-views.

10. Do this in group

Creating a successful e-book is not work of a single person. You require to take help or views of others. It may be your friends. So, when starting a e-book always start it in a group.

11. Value of book

This is another thing that has to be taken into consideration, that what must be the cost of e-book. Check price of other e-books online, or prefer asking any professional for his advice. As price will be the factor that will be most important in selling of your e-book. Keep price as low as you can, so that more people buy it.


Now when you have taken all these points into consideration than now its time of publishing it. Publish on different networks online and also make it available on your website, if you have one.
Then you will have to bring it to notice of other people by sharing on networking websites, social bookmarking websites and all different methods you can adopt for making your e-book famous.

Your Turn

Do you have any more points that can make it easy to create a e-book. And also if you liked the above post then do comment and subscribe for such useful posts.

Originally posted 2013-07-08 00:35:00.

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