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Best tips to improve alexa ranking for your website blog

Best tips to improve alexa ranking for your website blog
Alexa rank is a very important aspect in judging a website’s reputation or traffic stats to it. Many visitors of my website ask me this question that how you have such a good Alexa rank in small time? So, for you all here I have compiled a list of tips that will surely help you in improving your Alexa rank.
Alexa rank is the second thing after Page rank Β that is considered by advertisers and visitor for its reputation.

What is Alexa Rank?

Β Now for those who don’t know what Alexa ranking is, I will say its a Web Information Company that provides the ranking of all different websites on the basis of traffic, links and many other factors. It provides an idea that where your website stands.

How to check Alexa rank?

Go to Alexa tool–> fill your URL into the searching space provided–> click enter
Now when you will open Alexa Toolbar, you will see that when you search for your rank there will be two types of ranking displayed. One is Global rankings means across entire world and other is local rankings depending upon your country.

Problem in Alexa ranking algo

The judging of Alexa ranking is not 100% fair. It is said that Alexa ranking is measured according to traffic but it is not 100% true, Alexa only counts the traffic that has Alexa toolbar stored in their computer or your website has added Alexa widget to website.
So, now as you know about Alexa, so lets start with best tips to improve Alexa ranking for your website blog.

Best tips to improve Alexa ranking for your website blog

1. Claim your website

The first and the foremost step is that you should claim your website in Alexa. This will help indexing of your website into Alexa and thus will help in increasing your rank faster.

2. Add/ install Alexa toolbar

Now add Alexa toolbar to your all browsers, so that it is beneficial for your ranking. If you can also ask your friends and visitors to add Alexa toolbar to their browsers. This looks odd but it is a fact.

3. Add Alexa widget to your blog/website

Now as you know it is impossible to refer each friend to add Alexa toolbar to his website, so its better you add a Alexa toolbar widget to your blog. This will help you a lot as the traffic that you will get onto your website will be completely indexed by Alexa.

4. Regularity in posts

The main thing that helps in improving your Alexa ranking is regularity in your work. You should post minimum one post every day, this will help you in increasing your traffic, and hence Alexa ranking. So be regular to your work.

5. Quality is content

As you know that if your quality of content will be up to mark then your articles or posts will be indexed high on different directories, so it will help in increasing your traffic hence Alexa ranking. So, we may say that each and every thing is interlinked in blogging πŸ˜€

6. Boost up your traffic

You must make all efforts in increasing your traffic to tour blog, so that Alexa ranking improves faster and regularly.
Read this :Best 5 Ways to Increase traffic on Your Website

7. Build up backlinks

Create more quality backlinks to your website. There are many method like guest posting, commenting, link building through social media etc. You can check more tips from:Β How to make Quality backlinks for your website: Effective tips

8. Reviews About Alexa

This is next important step, you must write a review about Alexa once a two or three months. This surely helps in increasing your Alexa ranking with a bang πŸ˜‰

9. Alexa Premium

If you have funds for your blog, then you can go for Alexa premium by paying some dollars, this helps in increasing Alexa rank faster.

10. Add Website Review on Alexa

This is also very important task, you must write your website reviews on Alexa toolbar.

Your turn

Follow each and every step and bring your website ranking to a boost. If you have any queries or any thing you didn’t get, then you can comment.
Also provide your reviews about the post πŸ™‚

Originally posted 2013-07-08 22:14:00.

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  3. Thanks bro for these awesome tricks… Stay bless…

  4. Hey Vishal,

    You've write great post. All are very basic things which we all have to do for ranking high on alexa and indirectly on Google.

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  7. Dear Alexa Premium is not actually a Good idea to go.
    In Alexa Premium, the alexa team will give you rank based on your actual traffic not based on Toolbar users traffic.
    So, I recommend not to go with Alexa Premium.
    Other tips are really cooool πŸ™‚

  8. Ankit thanks for sharing that info. with us πŸ™‚

    I want to confirm that if we will be ranked according to our actual traffic will not our chances of getting better rank increase..

    As visitors with Alexa toolbar are less then our actual traffic… πŸ™‚

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