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Best Social Bookmarking websites

Best Social Bookmarking websites
Here is the list of best Social Bookmarking websites. These websites are really very much essential if you want to increase your links and also if you want to increase your website traffic. These websites are must follow websites if you want to bring your websites raking up in search engines and also get visitors from these websites.

Here is the list of best Social Bookmarking websites:

List Of Best Social Bookmarking websites

1. Twitter

Best Social Bookmarking websites
This is a great bookmarking website with its Alexa rank: 12 and has about 250,000,000 Estimated Unique Visitors every day. Isn’t it amazing. So, in my view this is the best social bookmarking website that you must follow.

2. Pinterest

This is another great website for bookmarking website followed by millions and trillions. Having Alexa rank of  “37” and about 80,000,000 unique visitors every day to this website.

3. Reddit

This is one of my best bookmarking website. Really very helpful for bloggers. This website is having Alexa Rank of ” 117″ and about 17,000,000 unique visitors everyday. So, by this you can get know that how helpful it is to using this bookmarking website.

4. Stumble Upon

Stumble Upon
Great bookmarking website with alexa rank: “194” and about 15,000,000 visitors every day. This website is must follow.

5. Digg

Alexa rank: 772 and about 6,000,000 unique visitors

6. Delicious

All Blogging ways
Very Useful website with Alexa rank: “:1388” and about 5,000,000 unique visitors every day. Must follow.

7. Friend Feed

Friend Feed
Alexa rank: 1,904 Unique Visitors: 1,800,000

8. Slashdot

Alexa Rank:  “1997” Unique Visitors: 1,500,000

9. Fark

Alexa Rank: 3, 140 and Unique visitors: 1,250,000

10. Diigo

Alexa Rank: 2,473 and Unique visitors about 1,200,000
This was the list of best Social Bookmarking websites that you must follow. These website will definitely help in increasing your website traffic, ranking and links.

Some more Bookmarking websites:

  • Clip marks
  • Newsvine
  • Backflip
  • folkd
  • Site bar
  • One view
  • Blog Bookmark
  • Bookmax
  • Yahoo Bookmarks

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  7. Good bookmarking list, but it would have been better if you have provided links to all of the mentioned here. To the most of the users it becomes a tedious task, searching them on Google by their name>

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