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Best Plugins for eCommerce for wordpress: Best list

Best Plugins for eCommerce for wordpress: Best list
As you know that day by day the popularity of online shopping is increasing. Daily reviews of different products and movies are at a huge demand. So, if you have a set up a website for it and If you are looking for e-Commerce Plugins then this is the right place. I will provide you with the list of best e-commerce plugins that will make your work easier.

List of best e-commerce Plugins

1. Ecwid

This is one of the best e-commerce Plugin which you can choose for your website. Here are some of the advantages of this plugin:
  • It provides lots of free plans.
  • It supports drag and drop.
  • It has shopping cart system
  • It is easy to install
  • It can be integrated with social networks.
  • Lots of valuable upgrades.
  • It uses Ajax everywhere which can be its disadvantage.
  • But every thing else is priceless.

2. WP eCommerce

This is the second best plugin in my list. Here are its advantages:
  • It is the ideal way to sell products, Downloads and services online.
  • It is also free of cost. And you can upgrade it if you want.
  • It can be integrated with social networks.
  • It has various payment modes Through paypal and also through Checks.
  • It is cumbersome.
  • it requires lots of maintenance.
  • Regularity is required.
But at the end it is really very good and help full plugin.

3. eShop

Here are the advantages of this great plugin.
  • It is free.
  • It has various shipping options.
  • The Admin has access to an Order handling section.
  • It provides automatic e-mails on successful purchases.
  • The product can show various options.
  • It is very simple to add new products. The dashboard is very user-friendly.
  • It has confrontational out of stock message.
  • Payments can be done through checks and paypal.
  • Sign up option for customers.
Isn’t it a great plugin 🙂

4. Cart66

 Here are some of the advantages of this plugin. This is another great plugin used by millions of people.
  • It provides you with Sell services
  • It Supports 93 payment gateways and makes your store PCI compliant with Mijireh Checkout
  • We can Sell physical products
  • Manage orders as we want.
  • Customisable email receipt.
  • Tax by state (United States and Canada), zip code, or all orders
  • You can Sell your products internationally.
  • It helps in Selling digital products with Amazon S3 integration
  • It provides Custom fields for products
  • Provides Multiple shipping options
  • It provides Affiliate platform integration
 The disadvantage is that you will have to pay few bucks for this plugin.

5. Quick Shop

This is a great plugin whose advantages are listed below:
  • It provides the full range of formatting.
  • It adds a SideBar widget that shows the user what they currently have in the cart and allows them to add or remove the items.
  • It provides a Tiny MCE button to easily allow you to add products to your posts/pages.
  • It is WordPress MU compatible
  • It provides with a Checkout page
  • Ability to create different product options in a drop-down.
  • It is useful with the WordPress website which have a sidebar in their theme.
These are best list of plugins that you can choose for your website. Isn’t it amazing. Comment 🙂

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