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Best Plugin for SEO in WordPress 2013 : Must watch list

Best SEO plugins for wordpress
WordPress provides a very comfortable field of customizing your website in the way you want. You just have to add plugins and its done. Here in this post I will be discussing the best SEO plugins in 2013. As you all know that SEO( Search Engine Optimization) is the basic need of the website to increase its pagerank and the traffic to a site.
So, here I will discuss with you the best SEO plugin for WordPress, that will help to build your website more strong and SEO friendly.
When we talk about SEO, the best name that comes to my mind is Yoast SEO plugin and All in one SEO plugin. I have worked with both of these plugins on my other website, and here I will tell you the way the plugins work and why these are the best.

Best SEO Plugin

In my view the best SEO plugin is WP SEO plugin by Yoast.

WordPress SEO plugin by Yoast

“Joost de Valk” the creater of this plugin has done a fantastic job, as this plugin provides a very detailed information of the things that we must do so as to make our post SEO friendly. Here I am going to provide you all with the details of how this post works and the different methods to use this plugin.

Why this Plugin is best?

  • This plugin provides you with all necessary details and things that you want for increasing your seo. Like focus keyword, that would help you to choose a keyword that may be searched mostly by people.
  • Meta-description of post- that allows you to give the idea to the visitors about what the post is all about.
  • It gives you information about density of your keyword in all different things like heading, content, url etc.
  • It informs about your image tags.
  • It tells about the right length of the post.
  • You can add Canonical URL and site map through it by going to advanced option.

How to use this Plugin?

Here is the simple description on how to use this plugin.
As you see the below image:
                       best plugins for SEO in wordpress
  • As you watch in the above image that you have to first set up the Focus keyword for your post. Focus keyword means the keyword that you think would be mostly searched by people. This helps in improving the post position on different search engines. The focus keyword must have 2-3% of density in the content so, as for SEO rich post.
  • Then provide a SEO title, this is the title that is shown on the different search engines for your post. Provide a long and a title that provides description of your post.
  • Meta description is the content that will be visible to other visitors when they see your post on Google. This must be less than 156 words and must be attractive. So, as most of people by reading this enter your website.

Now Advanced settings

best plugins for SEO in wordpress
  • Whether you want to keep a single post or page out of the index, or you prefer to keep entire sections of your site unfindable: the WordPress SEO plugin helps you to do that. Hidden by default under the “advanced” button is a meta robots settings block that allows you to choose any setting you want on a per page basis.
  • You can enter the sitemap, canonical URL, meta robot Index, permalink to the post.

How to know your mistakes?

This plugin helps you to improve your mistakes by showing a screen as shown below:
Best SEo plugins for wordpress
The page shown above shows all the mistake you have made with your blog the thing you have to do is  remove that mistakes by improving them.
In my view this is the best plugin for your wordpress.
There are many other plugins for SEO as well:
The other plugin that I loved to use was All in one SEO plugin. But it is not as advance as Yoast. You can use both the plugins together, if you want to.
Hope you liked the post.. Please comment for your reviews 🙂

Originally posted 2013-04-23 10:14:00.

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  1. Great Post Man! It has lot of info on SEO for wordpress. But if you don't mind, I am a wordpress blogger and there are also good alternatives for this plugin. It will be a good thing if you add the alternatives of this plugin as well.

    By Abinodh O.T from TechEra | The Era od Technology

  2. Thanks for your response Abinodh
    But, in my view WP SEO by yoast is the best plugin for SEO and their is no need of alternatives of it. If you still want to use another you can use All in one SEO and Platinum plugin in place of it 🙂

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