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Best On Page SEO Optimization Tips: Must Follow

Best On Page SEO Optimization Tips: Must Follow
In my previous post, I had talked about the off-page optimization techniques. Now here, I am with the on page optimization techniques. Both on-page and off-optimization is very essential for bringing your website up in ranking and increasing traffic and popularity of your blog. So, keep equal importance to both the techniques.

Now, what is On Page SEO Optimization? It is the SEO techniques which are to be taken care while writing post and in your theme. Or can be said that techniques that are directly implemented on your blog.
Here are the techniques to optimize your blog.

On Page Optimization Techniques

1. Carefully Choose H1

The first thing that a blogger must take care for on page optimization is carefully choose the Heading of the topic. The heading you choose for the topic must be long and must carry keywords related to your post. And the heading must be such that it is attractive and searched by visitors on Google. So, carefully choose your heading.

2. Internal links

The post must contain internal links that points to other posts of your website. These internal links help in bounding your visitor within your website for longer time. Do not enter links that are not related to the article. You can try: “Recommended Posts” titles for some links that points to other posts that link with your post. The internal links are very essential for reducing bouncing rate of the website.

3. Add Meta Description

This is very essential technique, that is add meta description of each and every post. Meta description is very essential so as to give the visitors an idea of your post. The meta description must contain keywords related to your post, so as to make it SEO friendly.

4. Add Alt tags to images

The images must contain alternative tags, so as to make your images Search Engine Optimization. The images are another essential medium through which you can get traffic to your website. Lots of images are searched by people on internet, so if you will add alt tag to your images, you will drive traffic through the images as well.

5. Perfect Post Length

The post length of your website must be perfect. Perfect means that according to topic, the length of post changes. The minimum post length must be 350 words, where as if your website is for suggestion or such niche then the post must not be so large, it must be maximum 600-800 words as visitor never like to read long articles. Divide your post into paragraphs and points.
You can check the post: Long post and Short post Difference

6. Keyword Density

The keyword density must be between 2%-4%. Below this and above this percentage will alter your SEO. So, keep a perfect check on the keyword density. Keywords must be chosen very carefully.
The bold words also act as a keyword, so bold the words that you want to act as a keyword.

7. Best Content Quality

The quality of the content must be up to mark and must be quality content. The visitor that visits your website always want a quality and useful content. You must have heard of this proverb “Quality is King”. So, maintain the quality of the post.

8.  Regularity in Work

You must be regular to your work if you want to touch the sky of success. So, post minimum one post every day or one in two days. This helps in better indexing of your posts. And also increases your rank constantly. Take blogging as passion and enjoy doing it. This will help you a lot.

9. External Links

Also add some external links to your post. This helps in building up links and relations with other bloggers. So, add external links that are related to your post. This also helps in increasing your trust rate.

10. Use SEO plugins in WordPress

Use SEO plugins like SEO for yoast, SEO pressesor etc. for optimization of your website.
                                    SEOPressor V5: Boost up your Ranking fast : Reviews

Your Turn

Hope you like the post and will implement all these techniques. If you thing you have more techniques than do share with our visitors. Comment. 🙂

Originally posted 2013-06-28 07:20:00.

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