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Best Google Adsense WordPress Plugins in 2014

Adsense WordPress Plugins

Plugins are the features that are provided by WordPress for making our tasks easier and better executable. So, if you are trying to find a way out for maximizing your earnings through Google Adsense by placing it at the best locations on your page that you want, then this post is for you. In this post, we are discussing about the “Best Google Adsense WordPress Plugins in 2014“.

Google Adsense is the best choice when it comes to the earnings from any kind of ads program. For maximizing the profit from your website you must be able to place the ads where you think that maximum chance of the visitors attraction to your ads is possible. So, for that purpose here are some of the best wordpress plugin for placing your ads on your page.

Here is the list of best WordPress plugins for Google adsense:

List Best Google Adsense WordPress Plugins in 2014

1. Google Adsense Plugin

Best Google Adsense WordPress Plugins in 2014Google Adsense Plugin is one of a great and professional plugin for placing your ads on your webpage. Easily you can customize your ads in which ever size and format you want. You can place ads on a number of provided options.

Which color is best suited for your ads, size of ads, links color and text color every thing can be customized using this plugin. One of the latest plugins  that can provide you with the best results.


2. Easy Adsense

Another great option for placing your ads on your website is easy adsense. As the name suggests it is very simple plughin with very easy steps to place ads on the wordpress website. This is a great plugin to produce a great revenue from your website.

You can place your ads in the sidebar, footer, header, in the post or any where with this plugin.


3. Ad injection

The first and foremost plugin Ii used for my adsense when I used to have was this plugin. It provided a great amount of revenue to your adsense account. I wouldn’t recommend this plugin much as this is very hard to configure than the other plugins in the lists and also had many arguments based on the fact that we have to copy the code to the plugin and can place as many ads on one page.


4. Ad Rotate

Best Google Adsense WordPress Plugins in 2014This is the one of the most popular plugin used widely for applying adsense on the WordPress account. This is a great choice in my view for placing ads on your website. Still as it has two versions one is demo and other pro, so there are many options that you can take benefit in the demo option.

Provides a great options for placing and customizing the ads. They also provide a service of mailing you when a particular banner has been expired or needs to be changed.


5. Quick Adsense

A good, flexible and quick method of placing ads in your website. A very simple to use plugin with not lots of options to work on. You can place the ads randomly at anywhere in the post you want. No coding knowledge required for the plugin to work. You can place upto 10 ads per page with this plugin, but i would recommend maximum three ads on a single page.


Some other good adsense WordPress plugins

This is the list of all the major and best plugins that are useful for adding ads to your website. You can also add other ads like bidvertiser, chitika etc. with some of these plugins. So, just select the best one for you and start increasing your revenue from Google Adsense.

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