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Best Backup plugins for WordPress: Powerful plugins

Best Backup plugins for WordPress: Powerful plugins
To keep your websites data secure in WordPress hosting best thing to use is the automatic backup plugins. These plugins make a backup of your data automatically after a particular time period that you provide.
There are now many plugins present that make the complete backup of your website, complete backup means backup of all the theme, posts, comments,plugins etc.

A few days ago my friends website was under some problem and he lost his all data, but as he had used a plugin from below list, he was able to retrieve his entire data by the help of the plugin. So, be ready. Here I am providing you with the list of plugins that will make you tension free of loosing your data.
Apply any of the plugin now.

List of Best Backup plugins for WordPress

1. Updraft plus backup plugin

This is a great plugin that provides complete security of your data. This plugin supports Amazon S3, Drop box, Google Drive and some other services also. You can schedule the backup according to your requirement. Isn’t it great.

2. Back up buddy

This is a great WordPress plugin that provides complete security of your data. I-themes provided this great plugin. This is my favourite plugin for backup of data. This provides a complete backup of theme, posts, plugins and all. Other useful functions within Backup Buddy include scheduled backups that you can send to your Email, Amazon Web Services account, Dropbox account, Rackspace Cloud account or FTP and many more.
The only draw back is that it is paid and the min. price starts from $75.

3. Backup WordPress

A great plugin filled with all the required facilities required for backup. Get emails for your plugin. As it suits you, you can schedule time of the backup of the data. You can manage multiple schedules, Uses zips and mysqldump for the faster backup.

4. Vault Press

This plugin from the WordPress itself and is a great plugin for the backup. This plugin also provides the security to your website. It provides the automatic backup to your website. But only drawback is that it is paid: The range starts from $15.

5. Automatic WordPress Back up plugin

This is another great backup plugin that provides the automatic backup of your data and makes the zipped file of it. And it uploads it to Amazon S3. This is great backup without any tension and also makes a person tension free.

6. WP DB back up plugin

A great plugin that I will recommend you can set up the backup schedule, and provide your email address on which you will receive the backup as you schedule it.

7. WordPress Backup to Dropbox

This is a great WordPress plugin that provide backup of your plugin and sends it to your Dropbox. From where you can retrieve your data. It is free and great for usage. Must try plugin.

Your turn

Choose best one of these and remain peaceful for next of life without any tension of loosing your data.
Which one you liked? Or you have better plugin then this then please comment lets share it with our visitors.

Originally posted 2013-06-13 09:12:00.

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  1. Debopam Banerjee

    A very handy collection….. thanks for sharing….

  2. I using the first mentioned plug in, that UpdraftPlus. It is configured to deliver the backup once a day in my Google Drive !!!

    Handy and one of must have plugin !!

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