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Best backlink checker tools Available online

Best back link checker tools Available online
The backlinks are very essential for deciding the reputation of the website. More backlinks means a better page rank and Alexa rank. So, are you in need of best Backlink checker tools? Then you are at right place. Check backlinks to your website from these tools, and get an Idea of where your website stands. You can check how many inbound and out bound backlinks are present on your website from these tools.

After taking an idea you can check mine post for increasing quality backlinks to your website.

List Of best Backlink checker tools

1.       BackLink Watch

This is one of the best tools for checking the backlinks to your website. This tool is free and widely used to check the backlinks to your website. This tool provides complete information of the backlinks to your website and also the ranking of your website.

2.       Analyze Backlinks

Again this is also another great tool to check the backlinks to your website. Get a detailed description of the backlinks to your website. And get an idea of backlinks to your website. And improve the backlinks to your website.

3.       Open Site Explorer

Great tool for checking backlinks to the website. Use all the tools and compare the backlinks shown by all this will give you an idea of how many backlinks your website holds. Mostly different tools show different backlinking’s to the website, compare your backlinks from all tools I have provided you and average out it.

Other tools

  • Majestic SEO
  • Ahrefs
  • Link Diagnosis
  • W3tool’s Backlink Checker

Importance of backlink

The backlinks are of two types: Quality backlinks and other is non- quality backlinks.
It is better to have 10 quality backlinks then having 100 simple or non- quality backlinks. The backlinks provides an idea of the reputation your website has and also the trust of your website. It helps in increasing your website rankings.
So, just work on it. You can get the tips to increase quality backlink from here.

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