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How To Auto Post In Multiple Facebook Groups In just One Click

How To Auto Post In Multiple Facebook Groups In just One ClickFor every blogger it is very frustrating to go to all the Facebook groups and then promote in each group separately. What if there is a way in which with just one click you can promote your post to multiple Facebook groups. Yeah you are reading it right, there is a simple and easy to use method available that can help you out in promoting in several groups in just one click.

So, here are the steps that you have to follow, so as to auto post in multiple Facebook groups in just one click.

Steps to Auto post in multiple FB groups

  • First of all join as many groups as you wish through your Facebook account, that are related to your niche and are helpful for you. And after the admins available move to further steps.
  • After you have several Facebook Groups joined, now open notepad on your device.
  • Now copy the username of all the Facebook groups (the thing highlighted below) and paste it to notepad.

Auto Post In Multiple Facebook Groups

  • Copy and paste all the usernames you wish to promote your posts. Press enter after each username you copy or put comma between them.
  • Now just add after all the usernames as shown below.


  • Now you will get a mailing list with you with the list of all the groups you wish to promote your posts.
  • Now next step is to go to the mail through which you had created the Facebook account.
  • Click on “create new message” and enter all these email address that you have on notepad in BCC field.
  • Now just write the content you wish to share within groups and add images if you wish to with links.

Note: Don’t add hashtags before content as it will create an untidy post on groups.

  • Now click on send option.
  • That’s it. You have shared your content on all the groups.

Note: Don’t spam or share content on lots of groups at same time, as it may temporary block you from posting in groups and you may also get banned from admin of groups.

So, after following all these steps you are ready to drive a lot of traffic to your posts and also save your precious time. I hope you enjoyed the post and would surely share it among your friends.

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  1. hello sir plz hellp me to improve my website rank on google
    , show me way

  2. How To add images in this method.?

    • Click on compose message in gmail -> Click on insert photos option at footer of message panel and upload the image there and then add your message above the image and click send..

      • hello thank you so much for your guide!

        however i tried your method exactly for the image, and it is still not showing up in groups.

        i didn’t upload photo as attachment, i just insert photo right below my msg.

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