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Hi`i' m +Vishal, a Search Engine optimizer, internet marketer, web designer, affiliate marketer & founder of this blog. I love to learn and share new things. For any query or help you can contact me at any time.

Steps to make money through YouTube Partner program

YouTube, the best video search engine has become the best video sharing website on internet. By uploading videos to YouTube you can now earn quite a good amount. For that you will have to just follow these below provided steps. The things  you require is now just a camera or screen capturing software( If you have to make videos from ... Read More »

Started a New Youtube Channel: Allbloggingways [Do share]

How to start your own blog

Hey friends,  yesterday I just Started a New Youtube Channel, my first YouTube channel. In this YouTube channel I am going to share blogging tutorials, SEO tutorials and topics will be added as we move on. Just uploaded my first YouTube video yesterday, hope you all like it. Do, visit the video and leave your valuable comments. Originally posted 2013-10-09 22:23:12. Read More »

How to make money blogging : How bloggers make money

how to earn through blogging

Lots of bloggers are earning a good income online and lots of our visitors everyday ask me a question that how bloggers make money? So, here is post that will show all the different methods of earning method through blogging. Internet is a place that is full of opportunities to earn money. Through blogging you can also earn money and here ... Read More »

SEO by yoast tutorial : Search Engine Optimization


WordPress is preferred mostly over blogger if we talk about search engine optimization this is because of lots of plugins present online that can help in optimizing your website. One of the famous and very essential plugin online is SEO by Yoast.  Now in this tutorial, I will talk about how we can optimize our website with SEO by yoast and ... Read More »

How to work on Organic Search engine optimization

how to organic search engine optimization

Organic Search Engine optimization is the process in which one work’s on a specific keywords that can help the website to increase its rankings and traffic. This is also referred to as natural or plain SEO. The effect of this SEO can be seen for a  long time and helps in increasing the Search Engine rankings.  Originally posted 2013-10-03 11:55:02. Read More »

How to be successful in blogging: Best tips

How to be successful in blogging

Blogging is now becoming more popular day by day. Millions of new bloggers are being added to internet everyday. Many of them blog for fun or hobby and others for earning money. Now if you have started a blog and want to make it successful, then here are some tips that will surely help you a lot in making you ... Read More »

How to promote a blog post ? Best ways of promoting blog post

how to promote a blog post

Have you set up your post and are now in worry that how and where to promote it? Then here today in this post I will share all the best platforms where you can promote a blog post. Many of my blog readers and friends ask me that in which ways and where do I share and promote my blog posts. ... Read More »

How to create a blog? Easy Guide

how to create a blog

Lots of mine friends and blog visitors ask me every day that how can they make a new blog, so here I am with this post that can help them in to create there own blog. How to create  a blog? If you ask me its very easy to start your own blog, just you have to do some research before ... Read More »

Hummingbird: Google reveals Its new algorithm On 15th Birthday

Hummingbird Google Algorithm update

Google has reveals it’s new algorithm “Hummingbird” on its 15th birthday this Thursday. The algorithm had its effects from about a month that has effected about 90% of the search traffic, but it was revealed yesterday. Previously, Caffeine was algorithm that was updated by Google back in 2010. Originally posted 2013-09-27 17:02:15. Read More »

List of high page rank forums to get Do-follow backlinks

Backlinks are very essential for building up the ranking of a website and also for increasing Pagerank( which has no signs of updating yet 🙁  ). So I have gathered some of the best List of high page rank forums available on internet. These forums can help you in two ways: one is by building up your backlinks and other is draw ... Read More »