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Hi`i' m +Vishal, a Search Engine optimizer, internet marketer, web designer, affiliate marketer & founder of this blog. I love to learn and share new things. For any query or help you can contact me at any time.

Best tips to improve alexa ranking for your website blog

Alexa rank is a very important aspect in judging a website’s reputation or traffic stats to it. Many visitors of my website ask me this question that how you have such a good Alexa rank in small time? So, for you all here I have compiled a list of tips that will surely help you in improving your Alexa rank. ... Read More »

Best tips to write a successful e-book: Easy and effective tips

Are you writing an e-book for first time or have written one but is not so successful? Then you are at right place to learn tips for writing a successful e-book. The things that you will have to do is follow the upcoming easy steps and then start writing and earning from your e-book. Now days people are preferring e-books ... Read More »

How to change RSS feed length in blogger

As I discussed in previous post: How to protect Blog Content from being copied that it is a good choice to keep the RSS feed length short so as your blog content does not get copied, so I got questions from visitors that how to set the RSS feed length. So, here I have brought a post to change RSS feed length ... Read More »

Giveaway#1 Result Revealed: See who’s the Winner

Hello friends, I had set up a Giveaway week ago, in which the winner was promised to be provided with an ad space on our blog for free. And here are we to the end of the week and today the result has been revealed. The lucky winner of the Giveaway who has been randomly selected from the group of ... Read More »

How to protect Blog Content from being copied

It feels really very bad when any other blogger Copies your blog content that you have built up with lots of search and writing. Most of new blogger try these tactics so as to write a new post in less time. But many times in SERP’s ranking these bloggers take their post above than original post. This thing really hurts ... Read More »

Easy ways to increase your Subscribers and Traffic: Best methods online

Creating a new blog is very easy task, but maintaining it is a challenge. And these two challenges that also come in the way are increasing your traffic and subscribers to the website. These two things are interconnected as when your subscribers will increase, then your traffic will surely increase. I had provided most killer steps to increase traffic on ... Read More »

Make Money Online: How to make money online ?

Now day’s every person is in this world wants to earn extra money by doing some part-time jobs. Internet has become the best medium for  earning online. People around the world are earning lots and lots of make money online. Some have made earning online as their full-time job. Now, in this post I will tell you some great methods ... Read More »

How to add XML site map to Google Webmaster: Easy Method

The first and the foremost step for getting your website indexed to Google is add XML site map to your website. When ever you visit a XML site map generating website, they provide a file and tell you to add to blog directory. Now, as Blogger doesn’t provide any such option of blogger directory so, people get confused for adding ... Read More »

How to integrate SEO with social networks: Best Tips

This is a Guest Post by Adesanmi Adedotun who is a passionate blogger and has his own website AdetechBlog. This is a blog tech that mainly focused on of Android tips, blogging tips, blogging, blogger, and SEO.  Here’s the post: Just like every human endeavor, SEO strategies will soon varnish as the new Google penguin begin to grow and mature. This fact ... Read More »

How to monetize Your blog? Get best tips

Monetizing is the term that is used for defining the ability to generate revenue from a blog or a website. In my this post I will provide you with different methods to earn revenue through your website. You may not see any shopping cart or such thing on by blog, then that means I don’t earn any money from my ... Read More »