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Hi, My name is Umair Abid currently working at Coeus Solutions GmBH as PHP Developer and blogger at Techknowlogists. I have been playing with PHP since 2011 and enjoy, working, exploring, abusing Zend Framework. In my free time, I read programming books, play GTA, Counter Strike, do some freestyle coding with dream to turn in into something big and write for Techknowlogists which I co-founded with my partner Umair Maqsood, with the aim to create a difference by making blend a of technology, internet marketing and programming. Though there isn't really something special about me, but if in any case feel free to connect with me on Twitter, Linkedin, Github and Facebook.

Why Social Media Marketing Campaigns Fail’s ? How to Cope with it

Social media marketing

Social Networks are the ideal places for business whether operating on a large scale or a small scale to promote their services, products, increasing sales leads, make new clients and connect with potential customers. The best part is you can start your social media marketing campaign with little or no investment, but in this case knowledge and working on late ... Read More »