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AskMeBazaar presents DealGuru : All Blogging Ways

AskMeBazaar presents DealGuruOnline marketing is on rise nowadays with never-ending market out there. You can sell or buy goods very easily and quickly through Online marketing along with saving money. Most of the online marketing websites are for consumer market but there are not many for the sellers. AskMebazaar has come up with DealGuru – an online portal, which is specially created for sellers. You must be watching ad of “kangna ranaut” representing Deal Guru on television and YouTube ads. Check the ad below:

Here are features that DealGuru is providing.

Features of DealGuru

Want to liquidate any excess inventory? DealGuru is a platform for the sellers providing this feature. The AskMeBazaar team sources deals from sellers all across the country and makes products available at deep discounts.

Check out how the whole process works:

  • Product samples are requested from sellers by AskMeBazaar team. Then reviews and identifies a suitable price, and after that confirming the product in every aspect  Deal is made live on DealGuru.
  • The photo-shoots and the content about the products are generated by Askmebazaar team for all the products.
  • Generating orders and delivering of them to buyers is done by DealGuru.
  • Upon delivery Confirmation call is made to buyer .
  • After deducting the charges and commissions the rest of the amount is provided to the sellers.
  • Return requests are also processed if needed.

Dealguru is currently operating with more than thousand+ live deals with more than nine hundred+ associated sellers.

Key Categories Covered by Deal Guru

  • Fashion (footwear, bags, accessories, jewellery)
  • Beauty (cosmetics & perfumes)
  • Electronics (mobiles, accessories, storage devices)
  • Home Appliances (irons, utensils, storage containers) etc.
  • Furniture
  • footwear

All Blogging Reviews about DealGuru

Dealguru is a perfect place for selling your goods online and also its best for costumers as they are getting the goods at high discounts and with best deals. So, this is a perfect place for both selling goods and buying goods online. A large audience has joined this website and are earning a great profits from here. So, if you have any goods for sale, just visit Dealguru website.

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