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Add XML Site Map into Blogger: Add website to all directories

Add Site Map of Blogger To all Websites
The XML Site map is the index of all the posts of your website. It is like a directory of all webpages on your site. By following the given steps you will be able to submit your Site map to all search engines and you will not have to ping manually for adding your website to different directories. This helps in search engines to add the webpages of your website that may have been missed by Bots of search engines.
So just follow the given steps and you are done with it.

Generate Complete site map for your Blogger Website

This method can be followed by both or websites.
Have a look at it as it may reduce your efforts by large amount:
  • Open the Sitemap Generator and type full name of your website in it.
  • Click the button showing Create site map.
  • Now next step is that go to the Blogger page–> Click on Settings–>Search preferences–> Custom Robot.txt option available.
  • You will get a picture as shown below when you generate your site map.
  • Cop the entire text. And paste it on the robot.txt option
                            Add XML Site Map into Blogger: Add website to all directories
  • Save the settings you are done!!!
  • Enjoy!!!
Was It easy??? Pls Comment if you like it 🙂

Originally posted 2013-04-13 08:11:00.

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  8. Does this sitemap automatically submits my site to bing, yahoo and Google?

  9. Yes, a kind of. Due to this code your website will be crawled faster by other website.
    This is working well for me 🙂

    I had not submitted my website to bing but it's still crawled 🙂

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