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How to Add Free Live Chat in WordPress

How to Add Free Live Chat in WordPressYou must have seen a lot of websites providing the live chat on their website’s. This is one of the great method of increasing your sales and interactions with your users. Here below are the methods of adding live chat to your WordPress website.

There are two methods in which you can do that, one is using plugins for live chat and other is without using a plugin. The two methods have been explained below in detail.

Without using a plugin add free live chat in WordPress

Live chat without any plugin can be achieved by using Google Talk API. This a free and very effective tool provided by Google to the users. Here are the steps to add live chat to website without any plugin:

  • Create a Google account or use your current Gmail account.
  • Now to create a batch, go to Google Talk chatback badge, and create a new badge.
  • Now add your website name in the URL, without http:// and www
  • Click on edit button and make the changes to the badge in the way you want.
  • Now just copy the code that is provided to you
  • Add text widget in widget area of sidebar and add the code there.
  • Now click save
  • Now you have a live free chat button at the place you want and now you can chat live with your clients or otherwise they can send a message to your mail through the chat box.

This is also a great method of adding free live chat to your website, whereas if you don’t wish to do so much efforts and want to add it to your website, you can do it through plugins.

Add free live chat in WordPress using plugin

There is a list of lots of plugins out their that provide such services whereas all these plugins have different set of instructions for installation, so I am just providing you with the plugins that provide free live chat.

1. Custom Google Talk chatback

This is similar looking badge as we had done without the plugins. There are some of very nice features of this plugin, some of which are:

  • Offline chatting and live chatting options are provided with customization options.
  • Change the fields to display when you are online and offline.
  • Customizable short-code, template tags, widgets are provided.

2. Google Talk Widget

Google talk widget provides many features which are listed below:

  • You can add multiple accounts and so chat can be handled through different accounts.
  • When you come back to chat , it doesn’t require the clients to refresh the page, due to AJAX online status checking.
  •  Highly customizable.

3. My Live chat

Check a demo here: My live chat Demo

  • Easy customization and consists of lots of features.
  • Provides a cpanel for adding editing fields
  • Customize the online and offline looks in your own style.

So, these are the different plugins that can help you out in live chat.

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