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Why I am not able to make money online yet?

Why I am not able to make money online yet?

Does this question bother you everyday? Are you tensed that other co-bloggers are earning money and whereas you are not able to do that?

Then here are simple reasons that can be responsible. Making money from internet is not so difficult task now days, if proper strategies and steps are followed.

Here are the four reasons that can be responsible for making you earn nothing from your blog or via internet.

Why I am not able to make money online yet?


Lack of patience

The first and the main reason that can be responsible for not earning from your blog is that you are lacking patience. It can take upto few months in several cases about 4-5 months for starting earning good from your blog. The newbies that come to in this field that it is very easy to earn and we have to just write few posts and we will start earning.

No this is not possible. There will be many mistakes made by you in journey of blogging. You will learn from these mistakes, you will learn everyday something new and then when you have done enough then you will start earning few bucks, after that you will have to keep maintaining your patience and work more harder than at last  you will become successful and earn from your blog everyday a good amount.

Most of the new bloggers are very desperate to earn and are just thinking that they will earn the second day of starting the blogging, whereas it is not possible. So, keep calm and keep patience.

Not to spend a single penny and earn thousands

This is the thing that many newbies think that they will not spend a penny on the blog and will earn from it. And after earning they will use that money on their blog.

This is not going to work every time. For earning from your blog or any business, you will have to spend some money. As we can say “making money from money”.

So, spend some money on basics things required for blogging, i.e. domain name, hosting, Learning SEO etc.

Over confidence

The other thing that can g against you is that not listening to your friends, co-bloggers etc. and always doing what you thing is right. Always listen to others views, learn from the mistakes you make, never be over-confident.

Learning from mistakes and over coming from them is the main part. Many times situation will come that you will just end up with something that will cause a great loss to your website and then mostly bloggers think to quit from blogging, whereas if you learn from it and then overcome from the problem you will surely get success on your door one day.

No hard work

Hardwork is the most important requirement of the blogging field. You will have to hard work every single day by posting posts, sharing them , making friends, learning new things etc.

If you will work everyday for few months without loosing your hope you will surely start earning from your blog.

These are the main points that must be kept in mind for overcoming your failures in the field of blogging. If you have read this post carefully than you would have got answer for the fact that why you are not earning from your blog.

So, just jump over these problems and start earning from your blog a great amount everyday.

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Originally posted 2014-04-20 11:12:23.

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  1. Hi vishal,

    You shared a nice tip there. Actually, most newbie bloggers that rush into blogging without laying a good foundation lacks the patient, and another fact as you mention is ”Investement”. Investement into your blogging carrier is another good thing that can earn you well in the future. Like running of adverts of your blog on other advertising platform and so on.

    I dnt know much about over confidence, but I know it’s just not a good emotion that can lay you down easily.

    Once more, thanks for the share 🙂

  2. Money is never easy! Everyone should keep that in mind before getting into this. !

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