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8 Easy ways to protect WordPress website from Hackers

8 Easy ways to protect WordPress website from Hackers

WordPress is a platform that has grown up in the field of website over the past few years. So, it is grabbing attention of the hackers towards its. So, it is very essential for a webmaster to protect his blog from any kind of attack to your website. An attack to your website can easily led your hard work of months and years to go in vain. So, to be ensure that your WordPress website is protected from any kind of attack here is a post on “Easy ways to protect WordPress website from Hackers“.

Think of what will happen when some one just erases your all content on your website by hacking into your website. How would you feel when your hard work goes into vein? Obviously you will be pissed of and may even lose your interest from website any more.

Just follow these steps to protect WordPress website from Hackers, so that you do not go through such tragedy.

Steps to protect WordPress website from Hackers

1. Do not Use “Admin” as Username

It is very easy for a hacker to hack your website if you have kept your username “Admin”. Because this is the username that is provided in default, and it would be very easy for a hacker to hack your website by Guessing this simple answer.

If you have kept your username this then you are half logged in by hackers at the moment. So, if you have your username still admin than change in right now. But before deleting this username you will have to make a new user.

So, for that just go to users–>new user–>add information–>assign role as “administrator”. Now delete your admin account.

2. Update your softwares, plugins, themes regularly

It is very important you keep your plugins, themes up to date. As the companies are always bringing some changes to their products so as to provide the best results of their product. So, they keep on strengthening their system with each update. So, be up to date and remain away from hacking attacks.

3. Keep the password Strong

This is most obvious tip that to keep your password very strong and keep on changing it after some time. The password must be long, contain special characters, Some alphabets must be capital, use numeric values as well.

Never use a sequence or word in dictionary of any language, as the hackers can match your password with every reasonable and logical word on internet. So, keep your password hard and keep changing it after some months.

4. Limit login attempts

You must limit the login attempts to your dashboard. This will surely help a lot in securing your website from any type of insecure login attempts. For this purpose you can use plugins like “limit login” or while you are installing the WordPress on your hosting there is an option that allows you to enable the login attempts to your website.

5. Keep a backup of your website for worse situations

You must always be ready for bad results. You must always keep a backup of your website so that you are ensure that even if something bad happens to your website, you can re-install every thing without loosing any thing big. If you really want to be secured from any type of threat first be ready for its worse results.

6. Use Security Plugins

You can use security plugins for WordPress for the purpose of protecting your website from any kind of illegal attempts to your website. There are number of plugins like Wp security, Bullet proof security etc.

7. Change the prefix of your login URL

Your default login to your URL is “”, so you must just change this prefix to a different one and it must be hard enough to crack for a hacker. You can do this by using security plugins and also by making changes in your cpanel.

8. Get themes from reputed websites

You must not pick the themes for your website from anywhere in internet, you must always opt for good website themes from reputed themes websites. This makes your websites security even better.

Is this enough? Will I not be hacked now?

These all methods discussed above will help in increasing your security to a very good level and will easily protect you from some small hackers. But as you have heard that websites like Google, paypal etc. can be attacked by hackers so it will not be a very big thing for them to hack your website, but these tips are surely helpful against most of the attacks that can be to your website.

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