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5 Twitter Bulk Follow and unfollow tools

5 Twitter Bulk Follow and unfollow tools

Are you looking for a twitter bulk follow and unfollow tool which can help you out in decreasing your load of following and unfollowing people on twitter? Then here I have gathered a list of five such tools that can help you out in this. For Increasing genuine followers to your twitter account, you must be following a lots of people everyday, whereas also when you are using some of the tools for boosting your twitter followers, you may be asked to follow other people on such websites so as you can gain from it. But after that you must be willing to remove unwanted followers from the account.

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Also you can use some of these tools to follow people related to your field. The people who may be interested in your activities, so as you can gain lost of exposure online.

So here are these are tools that can help you in bulk follow and unfollow twitter users.

5 Twitter Bulk Follow and unfollow tools

1. Tweepi

Tweepi is great tool available free and also with a premium account. Free account will also provide you almost all of the features you may require. Using this tool you can unfollow all the users whom you have followed and they are not following you back. A great feature of this tool for bulk follow and unfollow is that you can follow the followers of the users you are following. Means the people you are following are mainly related to your field, and thus are the followers of the person you are following, so in this way you will follow a very large audience which are related to your topic and you may get lots of followers through it and thus it can help you in increasing your sales as well.

2. Twellow

Twellow is another good tool which helps you in follow others according to your interest or category. For example you are interested in category technology then you can follow others related to this category. You can also signup and add your websites to particular categories so that others who have similar interest as you can follow you.

3. Untweeps

Untweep is tool by using which you can unfollow all the users you are following who are not using twitter often or have left twitter. So, unfollow all the users who are not useful for you.

4. Friend or Follow

Friendorfollow is tool with similar bulk follow and unfollow concept which can be used by you to unfollow the people you are following, who are not following you back. There is a free and a paid plan which this tool provides. So, you can get many restrictions using this tool.

5. Socialoomph

Socialoomph is a good tool which can be used to follow users who are related to your searched keywords. You can search a particular keyword here and you will get the people who are related to these keywords.

So, this is the list of the tools which you can use to follow and unfollow people in bulk on twitter.

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