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5 things that people hate in a website

5 things that people hate in a website
Hey friends!! I am here with this topic that will inform you about the common mistakes that people make in their websites that are mostly hated by your visitors. Just read the mistakes I have mentioned and correct them, I am sure that this will help you a lot in creating a visitors loving website.
Here are the common mistakes that are made by bloggers in their websites:

Things that people hate in a website

1.       Slow websites

Always check the time your website takes to load; as if this time will be high then this will surely affect your bounce rate. Visitors usually don’t wait for long time for a website to open, as Google provides lots and lots of options for a single search. So, if you want that your website is visited and visitors don’t bounce off your website, and then do check the speed of your website.
If we talk of the records then it is said that a visitor doesn’t wait more than 5 to 6 seconds for a website to load.

2.       Poor Themes and looks

Generally people like to visit a website again and again if the website has good looks and interesting theme. The theme must be such that the visitor gets interest in reading the content.
Many times a visitor looses interest in the reading the website if it doesn’t provides a cool theme or an attractive theme. The website that has bad looks and unattractive looks generally is not preferred by visitors.
Choose an attractive theme for your website.
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3.       Lots of advertisements

Another thing that visitors hate about a website is lots of ads on the website. The ads also increase the loading time of the website. So, apply the number of ads that looks nice on your blog and also that doesn’t hinder your visitor’s interest in reading your content.
I know ads are important for a blogger but place number of ads that doesn’t look cumbersome.

4.       Off topic content

The visitors mainly visit a website to gain some information or for solving their problems. If you will provide unwanted content to them then they will surely ate your website. The content you provide must be quality content and must be related to topic. Create a topic after doing lots of research and also provide true content. The content must also not be copyrighted as it may lead Google Panda slap.
If you are finding a way through which you can write a quality post then it’s here. Just CLICK HERE to learn how to create a quality post.

5.       Presentation of content

Another thing that visitors look in the website is the way of presentation of the content. The content must be written in such a way that it is easier for a visitor to gain knowledge from it. In my view you must always write a post in points or small paragraphs. Generally longs articles without any gap or pause may lead to an article that visitors will never try to read.
So, presentation of the content must be awesome.

Your turn:

Hope you liked the tips and will follow these tips. If you have any type of queries or you have some more points to add to the topic then do comment.

Originally posted 2013-06-04 04:58:00.

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  1. Your adsense code goes here…

  2. hmm, i guess my site is guilt of the poor theme issue…kindly help me check and tell me what you think
    Thanks for sharing!

  3. hahaha… Thanks for the advice and response.
    I have made it right 🙂

  4. Too much Advertise is here in your site mate accompanied by constant popup. Don't take it otherwise but its an honest feedback.

  5. I suggest even you could reduce the number of ads on your blog! Pop-ups are annoying!

  6. sorry to say @ St. Charles you haven't entered the website URL correctly..
    But you can check themes for your blog from here:
    for wordpress: Click here
    And for blogger: Click Here

  7. Thanks for your suggestions @Ripon, @VArun
    I will surely work on it..
    I hope only pop ups of infolinks are there.. other is of social media which is essential..
    But I will surely work on it. 🙂

    Keep visiting 🙂

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