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5 SEO Pointers to Consider Whether Using Local SEO Services or Handling it on Your Own

5 SEO Pointers to Consider Whether Using Local SEO Services or Handling it on Your Own

There are many options available today for online marketing that your local business can take advantage of for improving leads, site traffic and sales. Before the Internet, there was television, radio ads and print advertisings. Today, small business owners can choose from a variety of online options for marketing including local SEO. Local SEO will always produce results since most customers carry around smartphones today. Because of this, it is essential for local businesses to have a solid local search presence. Many small businesses turn to local SEO services to do the work for them, although regardless of what you choose, below you will find a few examples of how to boost your results.

Keep Your Business Listings Secure and Updated on Local Directories

Ensuring that your business listings are available and consistent is probably one of the most efficient ways to increase local SEO. This can be done through a variety of third-party sources. Search engines like Google are always scanning these websites to get a better understanding of local websites. When you do not have your business listed or if the information you have listed is inaccurate or incomplete, you risk negatively affecting the placement of your business in search results.

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Keep Consistent NAP Information

It is essential that you maintain consistency in your business listings in regards to your NAP information which is the name of your business and its address and phone number. All exact information that is on your website should appear in all the listings. For instance, if you abbreviate ‘St’ on your site, you wouldn’t want to include it in listings under ‘Street’. Being consistent with this information will ultimately enhance your local SEO.

Encourage Online User Reviews

When it comes to being visible in the local search results, user reviews will help tremendously, regardless if they are positive reviews or negative. Ask your customers to rate and review your business if they leave satisfied. This can be done through direct postings on your site, emails or even flyers at checkout. The more authentic and positive reviews you get, the far better chance your business will be displayed in both local review sites and search engines.


One particular local marketing tool available today is called SCHEMA and it involves using some basic HTML code. SCHEMA is often referred to as microformat or structured data and better identifies or classifies to search engines some of the more essential information on your site like your contact information or your location. Search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing universally accept this code which makes it an important tool for local businesses. Local SEO services often utilize this special tool.

Keep your Website Optimized

Although your local pages and listings are a big part of your local search, your actual site and what is being said about it is just as important. Always include your phone number and other contact information on your site. Also, include regional and city keywords wherever possible and craft up content that is targeted to your location. Reach out to local organizations and forums and connect that way. This will improve your chances of people visiting your site and possibly linking back. Remember, this type of work does not have to be done exclusively by you. In fact, you can look into MajesticSEM local SEO services , to get the job done for you.

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