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5 free tools for creating infographics

It takes lots of time and efforts to make an infographic on Photoshop, so I have compiled the best 5 free tools for creating infographics in very less time. Images are much better for understanding any concept than understanding by reading, hence the infographics are used nowadays at higher rates.

But for creating these infographics it takes lots of time and efforts, so for lowering your efforts and better results with unique designs these tools will provide you a better way of creating infographic.

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So, here are our favorite tools for creating infogrphics.

List of best 5 free tools for creating infographics

1. Piktochart

free tools for creating infographics

Piktochart is an infographic tool for customizing your data for better presentation within few minutes. You can customize color, fontstyle, size, inserting and deleting graphics to your infograph. It provides a grid like presentation so its easier to align your data and graphics on your infographs. Adding layers and deleting layers is very easy to  be carried out. It provides a free version with lesser themes and templates, where as you can also switch to paid or upgraded version for more themes on which you can work.


free tools for creating infographics is a great tool for creating charts, graphs, maps and infographics. It provides basically with four types of charts like bar, line, pie and matrix. You can upload videos, images to create an attractive infographic. The editing is easier as we get an excel like space to edit data. After you have created your poster you can submit it on Infograhic websites.


free tools for creating infographicsEasel provides a dozen of themes which can be easily edited. It provides with a canvas to edit on which you can use a blank canvas or already build canvas and edit it. Uploading of graphics here is easy and faster. There are variety of symbols, graphics and images that can be added to your templates.

4. Vizualize

Vizualize is a perfect place for creating resume for your self. This helps in visualizing your resume providing it a better looks. This can be used to design infographic which are attractive. This helps in expressing your professional skills in simple and better way.


You can create infographic and visually attractive posters using tool. After creating your infographic you can easily share it on social media via icons provided by

So, now just get started for creating the infographic for your website or for sharing online and use any of these tools for purpose for better and faster infographic preparation experience.

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  1. Hi Vishal,

    Infographic is a great way to share information as we all know a picture says more than a paragraph. You have compiled a great list of 5 best infographic tools. Pictochart is my favorite tool to create infogrpahic. But I am little bit surprised first you mentioned 10 free tools in fist paragraph, and post include 5 best tools. Using a best inforgrapic, we can build some good backlinks also by offering our awesome infographic to another blogger and make a request to send a backlink to original source.

    Thanks to share this fantastic post with us 🙂


    • Thanks for your quality response,

      Yeah you are right Piktochart is a good option.

      And yeah that 10 tools 😛 I first though of providing 10 tools but later on due to less time I just posted 5 and forgot to edit it in the post 🙂

      Thanks for showing the error.

  2. Very cool list Vishal 😉 I’m slowly but surely hopping on the IG bandwagon. Thanks!

  3. Hey Vishal,
    Awesome post infographics is very good for presentation of our post. We all know that by image people understand our point and infographics is like image with text+graphics its very good think to attract our readers 🙂

  4. Hi Vishal,

    Infographics is good way to share information. Images speak volume. Lists of tools you provided are also good.
    Good work Vishal..!!
    Keep sharing..!!

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