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5 Best Apps To Resize a Video

There are so many times when you wished you had an efficient yet hassle free way to resize any video just you could resize any image. For example, sometimes you wish to change the resolution of screen, or adjust the video screen size to adjust according the big monitor and so on. Whatever your needs may be, you just need an apt way to modify the video as per your requirement.

If you have been searching for apps or softwares for video modification, then we have compiled a list of 5 best apps to resize a video easily!


Resize any video online softwareLightworks is a video editor fully packed with all kinds of exceptional features that you could think of. It features all professional video broadcast formats such as SD, HD, 2K, Red 4K etc. The tools available with Lightworks let any novice to edit films just like professionals would, which is why you end up with great videos! All the editing strings are under your control and apart from resizing your video, you can also benefits from features such as multicam editing, video trimming, precise editing, real time effects, multi channel audio mixer etc.

When one has so many tools to play with, video editing surely becomes fun!

Windows Movie Maker

Resize any video online softwareWindows movie maker is one of the easily available video editing software that we can lay hands on. You can be the director of your own movie by dragging the image or video clips in the movie maker and do magic with the features. Apart from resizing the video clip, you can add theme, audio, captions, credits etc in the video and save it in any size or format.

You can download Windows movie maker free of cost!

Freemake Video Converter (Free)

free Resize any video online softwareAs you may have got the idea, Freemake video converter is a video conversion tool but its very powerful when it comes to video editing tools. This video converter has over 200 Input formats in addition to various Output formats such as MP4, AVI, MP3 etc. You can do minor as well as major editings in your video clips, convert videos to iPad, Android, iPhone etc with subtitles, credits, and of course trim the video to resize it.

Kate’s Video Toolkit

free Resize any video online softwareKate’s Video Toolkit is a very simple and easy to use video editing software that has plenty of tools and features to help in video processing. The videos can be converted from any format to the one that you want, add audio and video to one file, or add audio to a video, apply video transition effects, combine a couple of videos to make one video, and most importantly you can tweak the video size and reduce or expand it.

Aimersoft Video Editor

free Resize any video online softwareAimersoft is THE BEST video editing tool that does all the jobs such as burning, converting, resizing, splitting etc. It is available for both Mac as well as Windows OS. It lets you rotate, enhance, correct color, compress video, adjust video speed, split long videos into several clips, combine several video clips into one, add/remove audio from the videos. If you have been looking for one video editor app that has massive tools to give you a wide variety of choices and options to play with, then you should certainly pick up Aimersoft Video Editor.

In the end, nobody is a skilled video editor or a director. Hence the above mentioned 5 best apps to resize a video can be extremely helpful in doing all the editing bits and resizing dilemmas. Most of the video editors can be too expensive, which is why these would be highly helpful!

Do share with us what video editing tools you use to create magic in your movies!

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