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How to score 280+ in JEE Main 2019 without coaching

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The Joint Entrance Examination is the largest and the most sought after engineering exam in India. The competitiveness in this exam is but bound to reach the sky. A student needs to start preparing for this big exam a lot before the date of the exam. The notion regarding clearing JEE Main is widely varied among the Indian parents and the students all over the country. Some people even have a hard time to think that they can clear JEE Mains without the help of coaching.

Luckily, JEE Main 2019 shall be held twice a year which is increasing opportunities for the students. In the peer pressure, many students actually start assuming that they cannot clear this exam without coaching. The coaching centres often resort to advertisements and hoardings putting up the success stories of students who attribute their victory to the coaching. A lot of upcoming aspirants fall prey to such advertisements.

But a notable fact here is that many students join these coaching classes every year. A rough estimate would range in lakhs of students but very few, dedicated aspirants only end up clearing it. A student has to be hardworking and dedicated. At the same time, he has to be smart and wise enough to chalk out his preparation plan and work accordingly. Here are some methods and tips which will help you to clear JEE Main 2019 without coaching.


Early Start

You definitely need to start early so that you can finish in time and still have time left for revision. The preparation should start as soon as you step into class 11. You need to have a clear cut idea of the entire syllabus and attend classes regularly so that you don’t lag behind and stay in the run. An early foresight is sure to help you clear JEE Main without coaching.


Stay concentrated in classes

Focus on your conceptual clarity. Pay requisite attention in class and try to understand every concept properly. You do not depend on coaching classes, so you need to understand your classes at school. Try to take in as much as you can in the classes and revise that at home that very day itself. Do not skip classes as that would lead to an increased load on your shoulders and you might feel ill at ease in understanding the next class.


Self Study

Never underestimate the power of self-study. The hype of coaching institutes is increasing by the day. In this scenario, you need to make them out of whatever you have, study thoroughly and understand as much of the concept as you can. You need to devote maximum time to self-studying hours and revise repeatedly.


Know the exam pattern and your syllabus

Get to know  JEE Main exam pattern with weight and also the pattern of the paper. This will help you ace it and face the actual examination with a lot more confidence. Become familiar with the type of questions asked, and practice and prepare accordingly.


Solve and practice

Solve the previous years’ question papers as much as you can. Learning and knowing the relevant things is just not enough. Solve the previous years’ papers and various mock test papers available in the market. You need to include it in your daily routine to solve papers. Keep a check on your mistakes and try to correct them as you move on.


Clear Doubts

This is a very crucial part of your preparation. Try to know the concepts clearly. Do not have any doubts when you take the final test. Go through the chapters repeatedly and clear your doubts and queries from your teacher or anybody else well beforehand only. Make sure that all the problems, concepts and formulas are well studied and clear to you.


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