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Common Misconceptions about MBA that need to be snapped

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With an increase in the number of students in the field of management, there is heavy competition in this field. To get into a good and prestigious college such as IIMs, candidates have to go through CAT Selection Process which includes and online exam and GD/PI process. However, there are some myths also regarding MBA which are difficult to be snapped. In the world of technology, numerous coaching centers, thousands of websites and a variety of colleges are trying their best to sell you the MBA dream. It seems as if everyone is selling you a ticket to all the happiness, career options and many more.
But, do you really think that MBA is worth all the trouble and time? There are numerous misconceptions regarding MBA in people’s mind. Let’s have a look at some of the known and unknown misconceptions about MBA.

Myths about MBA

Some of the myths that people have in their mind related to MBA are given below:

Pathway to the Riches

This is a total myth but people really use to believe that an MBA degree is a direct road to the riches and fantasies. Don’t think that after doing MBA from a good institute you will get a high salaried job, as the salary totally depends on your abilities and knowledge. So, don’t be fooled with this miss.

Wind of Career Change

Remember one thing that MBA does not guarantee you a new and entirely different career. However, it definitely provides a better direction to your present career. Suppose, you are from IT field or you are a web designer, an MBA degree will not secure a career in Finance or Marketing. To get successful, you need to visit different recruiters.

Ladder to the Top

It is a general belief that if you do MBA, your career progresses. But, it’s not right. If you look at the graphs made on previous year studies, you can easily see that you will get job based on your talent not on your degree.

Successful Entrepreneur

An MBA degree teaches you to make money for other people or for society. Just by doing MBA, you can’t be an Entrepreneur. In order to build your business, all you need to do is to be an entrepreneur and hire MBA graduates and lead them.

MBA means a Marketing and Finance guy

You are totally wrong if you think that MBA is just about Marketing, Finance or Human Resources. MBA is needed in almost each and every field. So, change your point of view that MBA is not just about Marketing and Finance.

Revealing the Pandora’s box

MBA aspirants often think that after completing MBA from the prestigious B-Schools, they will take full charge of an organization and take it ahead. So, open your eyes and look into the reality if you think that the firms or the MNCs will run behind you to offer you a decent job. Remember that an MBA graduate is just an individual who work for a firm.

The Social Wizard

It’s been said that people holding MBA degree are generally more smart and intelligent than a non MBA student. But, in reality, no degree can check your ability to create a social or professional network. No degree can decide you future or check or capabilities.

The Easy-Life

You might be having many of your friends who are business graduates. As you can see, they are not happy in their life. They get high salaries but still they are not happy. Normal day for MBA graduates start from Stress, targets, leadership, selling, loans etc. and many more. So, it’s not wise enough to say that the life of an MBA graduate is pretty easy.

Degree over Rank

It is no doubt that MBA degree is a prestigious degree but this is only true if your do MBA from top institutes. Remember one thing that the rank of the institute does matter. It is very important that from where you have completed your MBA.

Some of the myths or common perceptions people have regarding MBA are mentioned above. You don’t need to focus on these myths and pay more attention to your MBA preparation. So, all the best and just focus on your studies.

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