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How to Prepare for Class 10 CBSE Examination


As the datesheet for CBSE class 10 examination has been released, now the time has come for the exam preparation. Students are confused on how to start preparing for their first National Level Examination. This examination is very important for the students of class 10 because the marks obtained in this examination will be counted to select their preferred stream in class 11. The marks obtained in class 10 not only helps to get their preferred stream in class 11 but it also helps to get shortlisted for different government and private jobs. Here are some step by step tips that will help you to prepare for your class 10 examination.

Study Place: Choose a place where sufficient light is available so that the notes written in the textbook is clearly visible to you. Make sure no disturbance is there like a television or a music system. If so, ask your parents to shift your study table to somewhere else where there are no disturbances.

Make a Schedule: Before you start your exam preparation, make a timetable or a schedule for a week. Assign maximum time to the subjects that you feel you need to give more effort.

Choose Appropriate Study Hours: A fresh mind is a must when you are studying for something big. Some students enjoy studying late night but some love to study early morning. So, choose an appropriate time for yourself and make the timetable accordingly.

Take Notes: Experts recommend to take notes while you are studying because reading and writing the same concept will help you to retain the concept in your memory for a long time. Taking the notes will not only help you to memorize but will also help you to study from the notes whenever you are revising those topics.

Practice Sample Paper and Give Mock Test: Take mock test whenever you feel you are ready, taking regular mock tests and solving CBSE question papers will help you to track your progress. Once you start performing better in these mock tests, your confidence level will rise and you will be more focused on studies.

Study Using Videos: If there is something that you are not able to understand, then browse the internet and watch a video of that topic. While choosing the video to watch, check for its views and comments. Suppose you are studying photosynthesis and you are not able to understand the whole process of photosynthesis, then watch a video on this topic for a better understanding.

Take Breaks: Make sure you have assigned some time for breaks in the schedule that you have prepared for your exam preparation. Take breaks in between study hours to make yourself comfortable and stress-free. Go for a 5-10 min walk or listen to some music.

Study for your class 10 board examination will the help of the above tips so that you will never miss a topic while preparing for your class 10 examination.

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