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How to Improve Your Videos with Video Filters in Movavi Video Editor

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Movavi Video Editor allows you to use video filters to correct the small issues in your video. The video filters can be used to enhance the video that you plan to post on your blog. Adding some special effects onto your blog video can make it more interesting for your visitors to watch. It can increase the time your visitors stay on your blog and increase your conversion rate. There is a variety of video filters that add different types of effects onto your video including artistic, flying objects, retro, adjustments, blur, mosaic, and noise. Each of the filter will make some changes to certain aspect of your original video.


Blur effect allows you to blur out a specific area in the video that you don’t want people to see. For example, you can apply blur effect onto the face of the person speaking in the video so that people won’t be able to recognize the person. When applying blur effect, you should adjust it large enough to accommodate any movement that the person or object is making in the video.


Retro video filter can convert a modern video to look as if it was shot many years ago by adding an old style vintage look. With the retro video filter, you don’t have to purchase any vintage camera to take vintage looking digital photos. The old movie grayscale can convert your video into black and white so that it look as if it was a video shot in the early days. Get more details on


Mosaic video filter can add a mural look into your video. Flying objects filter allows you to make an object fly in the video. Artistic video filter can make your video look like a piece of work of art. Noise effect can make your video look grainy as if it was taken with a poor quality camera. If you select all in the filters tab, you will also see a large collection of other filters like balloons, autumn leaves, bunnies, camera shake and diffuse.


You have the option of applying the filter to certain part of the video. You just have to use your mouse cursor to resize the video filter onto the area that you want to cover in the video. If you right click the video filter, you can choose play to play the video with that filter applied. To adjust the parameter of a particular video filter, you must click on the Effects button and click the Settings button.


Besides applying video effects, Movavi Video Editor also allow you to enhance the video with the magic enhancement tool. The magic enhancement tool can perform automatic enhancement on your video. You can also manually adjust the video enhancement parameters such as brightness, contrast, and saturation. When exporting the video, you have the option of saving the video file in 3 different qualities including good, high and highest. You must keep in mind that the video file size will be larger when you choose to export it in a higher quality.

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